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A Soft Answer
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This summer, my family and I went camping at beautiful Priest Lake just a few hours from our home. With our new trailer (new to us) we had cozy camping quarters and enjoyed a relaxing weekend. We went swimming, hiking, and were able to appreciate God’s great outdoors.

But no matter how beautiful the setting or snug the camping quarters, it doesn’t insure a pleasant trip. If you want to take in the beautiful creation around you, you can’t live for yourself. Unselfishness is what really brings harmony and enjoyment to a vacation. 

For example, I noticed that when no one volunteers to wash the dishes for Mom after a meal, it only strengthens self-centered attitudes. On the other hand, when you bump into someone in the close quarters of an RV, a quick “excuse me” is far better than, “excuse you!” How much nicer, when trying to decide how to spend the day, we think about what others would enjoy.

Serve Others

Things don’t always go according to plans and it’s easy to get irritated. But the more of Jesus we have in our heart, the quicker we will be to unselfishly step out of the way to serve others.

In Proverbs 15:1 it says, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” What a good verse for us to put to memory! Very often throughout the day, whether we are camping or not, things happen to bother us. If we would meet the situation with a soft answer that turns away anger, we would be less annoyed and more of Jesus’ love would be in our hearts.

Our camping trip taught me a really good lesson. Whenever irritation threatens to arise in my heart toward others, I should immediately put up a stop sign and combat it with Scripture. So I’ve tucked away Proverbs 15:1 in my mind, and whenever annoyances arise, I’m going to quote this verse. For if we desire to show Christ’s love to others, we can better represent Him by everything we do.

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