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Press Around Jesus
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Recently, I heard a sermon centered around the story of Jesus speaking at the Sea of Galilee and how the clinging crowd pressed around Jesus to listen. It's not hard to imagine how everyone would be attracted to Jesus. And for so many different reasons.

Mothers had heard how the gentle man named Jesus would pause to hold a crying baby or sit down to listen to the story of an excited child. So naturally, they wanted to bring their own children near.

Handicapped people had heard that Jesus could heal by the touch of His hand, so their families brought them to press near as well. Even the skeptics pressed around in order to pick up some small detail that they could use against Jesus.

Then there were those who were just plain curious.

Whatever the reason for pressing around Jesus, one thing was delivered each and every time. Jesus always brought them the Word of God.

So I'm thinking about life today. It seems like little has changed as far as the reasons people “press around” Jesus. We still have mothers and fathers seeking God's blessing on their children. We still have people in need of physical healing. Skeptics still abound and so do the curious. And Jesus still draws us to the Word of God. What is obviously different is that Jesus is not with us in the flesh today as He was then.

Family Life

So how can we still make sure that we are pressing around Jesus today? We come to worship God at church, in song and Bible study and fellowship. But what about the other six days of the week? How can we press around Jesus in our family life?
  • Family worship. Yes, that's the same suggestion that's been echoed throughout the ages. And it's still true! Even just a few moments for family prayer before heading for school and work can make a huge difference in the spiritual mindset of each family member for the day. And the same is true for ending the day. Read the Bible and you're pressing even closer.

  • Music. Of course, music can be incorporated into worship time. But there are other types of music that are also effective in putting us in a spiritual mindset. Try classical music as a quiet background music while you are having a meal together. Studies show that classical music puts the brain in a state of focus and provides a heightened ability to sort through problems more effectively.

  • Memorize Scripture. Choose two or three scriptures for the week. Post them on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator, microwave and anywhere else that they can be seen often. 

  • Talk about Jesus. Talk about Jesus. Talk about Jesus.
Most likely, when a few ideas are implemented, more will follow. The more we press around Jesus, the more we will feel His presence.

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