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Shunned Weed
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A few years ago our youngest son gave my wife and I a plant. We asked our son what it was. He said he really couldn’t guarantee that it wasn’t a weed.

Finally, after a hard winter we were blessed with springtime and some warmer temps. I looked for signs of life in the plant, but there was none for quite some time.

Although it did finally turn green it never did seem to amount to much.

My wife insisted, “Honey, it’s a weed and needs to be disposed of.”

I countered with, “Well, we don’t know for sure. Let’s just wait and watch.”

Finally, it was getting near ano

But just in case, I decided maybe I’d just go ahead and plant it. If it was some kind of flower, just being in the ground would help. I planted it in my vegetable garden because I didn’t think my wife would be too happy if I planted it with her flowers.

Weed Turned Green

Once again winter passed and spring came. Once again the weed turned green. Carefully, I roto-tilled around it. By summer’s end it looked like it had during springtime. Finally, I decided I’d till up my garden. Before I did, I dug up the weed and put it in a pot and left it outside.

The following July, I was mowing the lawn and noticed dark red buds on the weed. It was then that I noticed a similarity between the ‘weed’ and a beautiful flower our daughter had gotten for us.

I planted it next to hers. The next morning the ‘weed’ produced a most magnificent red hibiscus!

Instantly, I was reminded of the following Bible verse: “The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone” (Psalm 118:22).

In this Psalm David described how workers building the temple shunned a massive stone which probably seemed in their way as they went about the business of constructing the temple. Eventually, they began sizing up this massive rock and realized it was the missing piece of the puzzle. Once they put it in place they found it fit perfectly.

Christ was represented by this cornerstone. When Jesus came to earth He was shunned, avoided, ridiculed. Not many thought much of Him at all. However, He was the embodiment of the Messianic promise. He was just what the world needed to save them from their sins.

At times you and I are a bit like that cornerstone or even the hibiscus. People judge us. They don’t think we belong. They treat us like something that’s in the way, a weed, if you will. But, beneath all that we appear to be, we are like a graceful swan, a beautiful flower. Deep down within we are a child of God!

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