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Atrocious Disgracers
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All of us, whether we like it or not, have looked in the mirror in the morning and discovered one of those atrocious pimples; or maybe even a whole patch of the disgracers. And of course they always pop up in the most conspicuous places. So what can we do about it? Can we do anything?

Well, I can personally testify that you can. When I was younger I had a big problem with acne. I tried everything in the book. (Everything except those sixty dollar chemical formulas that I could never afford!) Over the course of a few years I came across some really helpful tips that brought me back my clear skin.

I found that the most important step is being very careful with what I put in my mouth. If I eat a lot of sugary and oily foods it can increase sebum production, which produces inflammatory reactions in my body, many times in the form of acne.

Pimples also can be the result of the hormonal changes that teenagers go through. One of the best ways I found is to exercise. When I exercise, it balances out my system overall and washes fresh oxygen over every cell.

Really Helped

Another habit that really helped me was washing my face twice a day. Keeping my face dry, and oil-free was key. But don’t wash your face more than twice a day, or your face will start to produce more oil than necessary.

Applying tea-tree oil before bed also helped to dry out pimples, and clear up my skin.

And of course the clay mask! Although not particularly pleasant, it does work. Clay has amazing detoxing powers. When I covered my face in clay, it sucked out all the impurities and helped restore clear skin.

It takes time to gain back clear, clean skin so don’t be impatient.

And remember, if Jesus is in your heart, people will see His love shining through you, blemished face or not.

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