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Share Discoveries
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Richard Feynman, an American theoretical physicist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965, made a discovery during the middle of the night. Excited, he wanted to share it. Like looking at a beautiful sunset alone, he felt that he must share his discovery with someone then. He decided to awaken his sister, an astrophysicist, so he telephoned her.

Is this how you feel about your personal discoveries?

Lately, I’ve done much diamond mining, certainly not anything to do with the laws of physics, but these discoveries help to lessen the pain I live with. As I live with limitations, I try to lessen my husband’s load—and to help keep us both young.

For instance, I iron while sitting, by adjusting the height of the ironing board and keeping a mending basket, a lint roller, and a can of sizing in a bin, within in arm’s reach. I use a lightweight rolling rack upon which I hang the ironed items. The flat rack on top is where I place ironed linens. The rack is light enough that I can push it with one hand and use my cane with the other to transport the items to the closets.

I use two different canes, one I keep in our van; it’s a collapsible style that I can take anywhere with me. The other is a four-footed quad cane that I use at home. Since I can’t carry a basket of laundry and wield a cane at the same time, I’ve found that by using a lightweight square plastic basket I can push the basket along at one corner, with the base of the quad cane easily—and still maintain the support I need on the cane.

Save Steps

To save steps, I keep three pair of eyeglasses at strategic places in the home. The same goes for dental floss. Since every step is painful, I try to limit pain-stress by limiting weight-bearing movements. So what do I do for exercise? I use two-pound hand weights and a stretch rope to exercise from my chair. I do leg exercises in bed. I’ll admit they don’t compare to brisk walking, and my old six-miles-a-day routine, but it’s better than nothing.

A lot of my diamond mining comes in the middle of the night, too. Though I don’t discover anything considered fascinating like Feynman’s path integral formulation of quantum mechanics (I’m totally ignorant of what that means!), my diamond finds allow me to be capable—and I share my finds with others, who might be helped by the knowing.

My writing? It’s done on a laptop in a recliner, with a rolling cart beside me with supplies.

However, the most valuable diamond I ever discovered is Jesus. Sharing Him is something to get excited about. I often share in the middle of the night, too, via email with others. Jesus is coming again. Just think, soon we’ll travel through space with Him to heaven—and that will be quite a discovery!

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