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Light Your Candle
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Every day, television and radio announcements bombard us with the dreadful news of human agony due to disasters of all kinds. Gross darkness seems to cover the world. What can you or I do to help, we wonder? Is it possible that we can make the world better in some way? Some of us can actually go and be hands-on with many disasters, but what about those of us who can’t? We know from Bible study that this world is winding down, and these things will continue to happen until Jesus returns.

Actually, if we think in largesse terms such as “world’ we’re likely to give up because it seems too much. However, if we simply make ourselves available close to home, doing small and large acts to ease the load of others, that’s how we can make our world, the one in our sphere better. I suggest that we be candle lighters. Yes, we can donate funds and goods to help those far away and that’s candle lighting too, but when you can actually see a face that your light shines on, O, the joy! I’ve summed it up in a poem that I ask you to consider: 
in the
There is a Chinese proverb
That tells us,
“Do not curse
The darkness,
light a candle.”
Wise admonition-- yet to
Become a candle set upon
A holder to provide bright
Light beams, illuminating
Dark paths for others to walk
Away from the dross of life,
Toward discovery that leads
To The Light of the World,
As candle glow
Guides hearts
To cherish
The Way,
To Jesus love;
That is real candle lighting.

If you notice, the poem is shaped like a vase-like candle holder, with the title to represent a burning candle. A candle needs to have a secure holder. Christians, who are to be lights to the world to others, have their holder in Jesus. It’s only a poem, but if it inspires you to do a kindness to help someone today then you’ve done a deed for Jesus, perhaps one that may even lead someone to Him—and you’ve helped me light my candle. When we shine as candles for Jesus, others are led by the light and warmed by it. The Lord Jesus Himself admonished us, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). 

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