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There are a few things no one tells you about motherhood. How infuriatingly painful it is to step on a Lego. How much you will come to hate car seats. How beautiful a freshly bathed kiddo in dinosaur pajamas looks. And, no one ever told me that I would never again sit down through an entire meal.

Not only is it a challenge to remember to bring to the table everything necessary to feed the gaggle of children seated there for dinner (meaning I find myself making numerous trips back for condiments and silverware and the food I left in the microwave), but then there are the requests. “Can I have more water, pleeeeeease?” “Moooooommmm, I need more ketchup!” “She has more pasta than meeeeeee…” And my favorite, always said when I’m finally settling in to begin eating my own dinner, “Mom, can I have more, please?”

Sit Through an Entire Peaceful Meal

Not surprisingly, one of my current fantasies is simply to be able to sit through an entire peaceful meal (preferably one I haven’t cooked or have to clean up). And so I’m a big fan of one of Jesus’ parables found in Luke 14.

In it Jesus cautions us not to take the seat of honor at a dinner party because someone more important than you might arrive and then you’d be embarrassed when the host asked you to move. Evidently Jesus’ listeners liked to jockey for position. They liked to call “Shotgun!” and take the best seat. I’m guessing they thought by sitting in the right place, they’d be treated as the best – whether they were or not. They cared more about how others viewed them than anything else.

When I think of my own nightly dinners, I’m baffled by these people. Aren’t they just thrilled to have a place to sit and enjoy the company? Isn’t it enough to be invited to the party and to know you’ll soon be served a beautiful feast? Who cares if you sit on a velvet chair or a folding one! It overwhelms me when I imagine coming before Jesus one day and hearing him say, “Come. Sit. Eat with me.” Oh how marvelous that dinner will be.

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