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Building Memories
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When I was eight-years-old, our family took a huge trip all across the United States, from Washington State to Washington, D.C., hitting nearly forty states as we traversed through city and country. We visited family and friends and historic sites. Pulling a pop-up tent trailer behind our white minivan, we certainly were a site to remember, winding our way through the streets of downtown Manhattan and climbing mountains so steep we had to roll down our windows and turn on the heat to cool down the engine.

The memory from the trip that sticks out the most to me was the day we set off to visit the Statue of Liberty. I was bubbling with excitement as we hopped into our minivan and set off. In my mind I pictured the lofty Mrs. Liberty, and her proud arm lifted high. But before we had gone very far, rain began to pitter patter on the windshield. Rain was certainly not something we had anticipated. Dad looked up at the sky with a worried gaze. But we continued on, and soon arrived at our destination.


After going through a security check, and purchasing our tickets, we dashed out into the now steady downpour. It was all terribly exciting in the mind of an eight-year-old! Before long we turned into seven drowned rats, as we hurried along the sidewalk toward Lady Liberty. I laughed aloud as I jumped over puddles. But my glee turned into awe, as we rounded a corner and beheld the towering Statue of Liberty. Astonished, I gazed upward. Never in my eight years of life had I beheld such a majestic representation of the United States of America. Even as we lined up for a picture in front of the Statue, I still felt awed by the fact that I really was standing in front of the Lady Liberty. It’s a memory that I will never forget.

Our big U.S. trip will always stand out in my mind as a time of family togetherness and fun. There is hardly a better way to draw close together as a family, than to pull out the road map (or GPS) and take off for a vacation. As summer quickly marches forward, take advantage of the sunshine and build some memories.

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