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Every Leaf a Witness
Photo: Donice Palmer
When I am seeking peace or solace, I retreat to the woods. The kaleidoscope of light filtering through the trees and the birds' joyful hymns help me restore a sense of balance and tranquility.

It was during one of these brief retreats a couple years ago that I noticed the progression of autumn. After each plant feels the sting of frost and displays its true colors, the far reaching trees drop their colored plumage. Next the bushes release their leafy cargo. Lastly, the grass and some other small plants become dormant.

Then I realized that the process is reversed in the spring. First the grasses revitalize and green. Then the bushes fill in and leaf out. Lastly the trees put back on their green caps.

At the time, I thought it probably works this way due to the proximity of the roots to the leafy part of the plant. There may be some scientific explanation for this order and process. But while on a recent retreat into the woods, a more powerful, more beautiful, more amazing reason budded and grew in my mind.

Masterful Design

Jesus created this whole world to work in perfect order and beauty. Creation is a masterful design. Nature works in harmony taking and giving. If Jesus had created the plants to respond to sunlight and temperature in any other way, it would cause problems and inhibit growth. If the lofty trees leafed out first, that would mean all the lower plants would get less sunlight and even less water during light rains. This would make it harder for all the smaller bushes and plants to grow. The same scenario would occur if the bushes filled in before the small plants, and many animals and birds depend on these smaller plants.  

Realizing the astounding amount of forethought, care, and design Jesus put into this world is both humbling and reassuring. How can we question if the One who created all this can take care of us? We all will face times of frost and changing seasons of life. We may be battered by storms, but the Creator who put the planets and stars in motion and tells each leaf when to grow can take care of you and me. Seek your Savior who wants to give you peace. Trust in His love and care.

Next time you look at a tree or bush, remember that every leaf is a miracle and a witness to what an amazing Creator we have.    

“The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it” (Psalm 24:1).

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