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Never Stop
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When I lived in Massachusetts, I remember the winters were very cold and very white. Never had I ever experienced such cold winters! It was definitely a different scene from Florida, where I had previously lived. 

Something else I noticed was our neighbor. Every morning as I sat by my window and eating my breakfast, she would be out running. No matter rain or shine, I would see her running.

One day it was snowing so fiercely I thought for sure she would not run today. Anyone would be crazy to run in this kind of weather! But sure enough, about five minutes later I saw her walk out the front door, warmly dressed, and then she began her daily run. I sat there staring at her, jaw dropped, in total awe of her dedication and discipline.

Impressed by what I had just seen, I decided to approach her that afternoon and ask her why she always ran in the morning, no matter what the weather brought. Her answer was very simple: “If I stop running, even for one day, I won’t be able to continue the next day.”

Devotional Time

Her words sunk into my mind and echoed in my thoughts for the rest of the afternoon. I realized her words reminded me of something else. Is it not the same way with our daily devotional time with God? If we stop for even one day, it's almost impossible to have our daily devotional time the next day.

It is so important to be consistent and make sure to always have our daily devotional time with God. Just as this woman had dedication and discipline when it came to her morning workout, we must also have this same dedication and discipline in our relationship with God. I challenge you to try to have your daily devotional time every day. Even if you’re tired, upset, or even mad at God; even if you just don’t feel like it. That is when you must spend time with Him the most. If you stop, even for just one day, it will be hard to get back into the rhythm.

The Bible says, "Be persistent in prayer, and keep alert as you pray, giving thanks to God" (Colossians 4:2).

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