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Bus-Load of Angels
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“You’re going to ride the city buses all the way to El Monte and back? Oh, lady, I’m going to pray for you all day! You don’t know of all the muggings, violence, and even murders on the busses lately.”

“It’s the only way I have of visiting my friend Elizabeth while I’m here in California. The Lord will send his angels,” I comforted as I hugged my hostess goodbye. “See you tonight!”

I chose a window seat midway back, hoping to avoid the commuter crush at this early hour. It would be a long ride with many stops so I’d brought along a pocket-size copy of Steps to Christ. A favorite book, it bore the underscores of pen and pencil from previous readings.

Barely had I begun to read when the bus stopped and three rowdy youths got on and seated themselves across the aisle three rows back from me. Two boys and a girl. It didn’t take long to realize that one, dressed in the “tough” garb of the day, was bent on harassing the other two, especially the girl. As the language became more foul and abusive, my friend’s words of concern replayed in my mind. “Dear Lord,” I prayed silently, “watch over all of us on this bus. Send your angels to bring peace.”

Reading was almost impossible with all the noise. I closed the book and laid it on my lap, alert for signs of violence. Several stops later, a group of eleven or twelve “mentally challenged” persons, each proudly carrying a lunch pail, boarded the bus. I gathered they had jobs at a work center. Several of them came and filled in the seats around me. The loud voice behind me hushed to low mutters.

As we moved on, I realized the tall, nervous fellow sitting next to me might be more comfortable if I concentrated on my book.

Where are You Going?

“Where are you going? Are you going to work? Or to visit your aunt?”

The young woman in front of me had turned around and addressed me with the frankness and openness of those whose minds are less cluttered with the complexities of society. Her eyes were friendly, curious, intelligent.

“I’m going to visit a friend.” “Friend? We’re friends,” offered her companion, indicating the individuals around me.

“What are you reading? Can I look at it?” the young woman interrupted.

“It’s about Jesus,” I said, handing her my book.

Steps to Christ,” she read loudly and slowly. “Can I borrow this book from you? I will give it back in one week--when I have finished reading it.”

“You may keep it.” I assured her I could get a new book, explaining that I lived far away and would not see her again.

She began reading aloud, then announced: “This is a very good book. Thank you.”

The atmosphere on the bus was changed—even when my new friends disembarked. God had indeed sent his “angels.” (Ref. Psalm 91:11).

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