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Love in Action
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“…You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Romans 13:9).

In 1999 a Scottish nurse named Gillie Davidson came eye-to-eye with India's youth and their poverty. And she chose to never turn her back. Gillie was inspired to take children who had been forced into prostitution, begging, and life on the streets and help them live a better life. She didn't want them to repeat the lives of their parents who had died of aids, been murdered, or committed suicide.

To help change their lives she provides food, clothing, shelter, and an education. She calls the organization she has started Scottish Love in Action. Currently, she is taking care of 600 children in the south-east Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Truly she fulfills the law to 'love your neighbor'.

So what can we do to fulfill this law, to love OUR neighbor? God seems to provide opportunities. As for me, I’m in health care. I’ve been a nursing assistant for nearly 20 years. A few years ago I needed some extra cash so I opted to work in people’s homes for an agency in addition to my job in the ER at the hospital. Eventually, I got caught up on a few bills and decided to quit working extra shifts for the agency. About a year later I got a call from them and they asked if I could just help them out until they found somebody else. I was going to tell them, “No,” but Sharon at the agency shared a problem with me.

We Need You

“Ron, the gentleman we need you for has a wife who would like to go to church, but she hasn’t been able to for several months now, because she has to be home looking after her husband.”

I’d been wanting to somehow get involved with helping others. This certainly looked like a case where someone needed some help. I go to church on Saturday so it wouldn’t take me away from my congregation to do this. I’ll never forget how happy this dear soul looked as she was able to go to church for the first time in months!

That was nearly two years ago. Since then she’s been in charge of the Ladies Fellowship, taught Vacation Bible School, and attended many other church functions as well. It wasn’t much on my part, but it means the world to her.

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