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Are we truly free? What is freedom? Does it mean being able to do whatever we want?

The news is full of stories that have something to do with freedom. People fighting for their right to vote, to attend school, to have clean drinking water, to peacefully gather in protest, to enjoy privacy, and the list goes on. Yet what are we willing to risk for this freedom? Where do you draw the line when you feel your freedom has been infringed upon?

Recently, I read a news story about a young Ugandan boy who, along with about fifty other boys, was kidnapped and forced to become a child soldier and kill and pillage against his will. He lived like this for about a year and could no longer take it. He hatched a plan of escape, not only for himself, but for his fellow group of child soldiers. The escape was working just as planned finding a refuge for the boys at a sympathetic hospital. But he still had to go back for the last batch of boys.

As he sent the boys down the trail towards the hospital, he lingered back a ways to make sure no one was watching them. Sadly, he was spotted and executed right there on the spot, but his story does not end there. Many of the boys he rescued became inspired by his act of courage and have gone on to free the lives of hundreds of other child soldiers, some of them losing their own lives in the process.

Small Beating Heart

The hundreds of lives that have been saved, can be traced back to the small beating heart of a ten-year-old boy who yearned to be free, and yearned to help those around him.

So what is freedom? It’s a calculated risk with an unbelievable reward. More times than not, people choose freedom, because it is the way God  intended us to live. God gives choice to all of us. There is no forced friendship with Him, only by choice do you enter into a walk with God.

Oppression will always exist on this earth. Yet, so will brave acts of freedom. It’s these acts, like a stone tossed into a pond, that reverberate out effecting the lives of millions with more freedom.

The Bible says, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2 Corinthians 3:17).

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