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As a kid, I never wanted to go to bed early. There were always new ideas to explore, new games to play, and besides, mom and dad got to stay up so why not me. I always wondered what glorious adventures were being played out on the other side of my door after the "goodnight, sleep tight" lines.

As an adult, I now know that it probably consisted of unfinished housework, paying bills, and catching a few moments of silence before the early morning light came rushing back in with the sounds of a new day and a new struggle.

When you're young, the whole world is an adventure. Death doesn't't exist(at least in understanding), the possibility of personal flight is very real, and giant monsters really do live under your bed. Yet as we grow older, our adventurous nature that guided our daily life as a child, begins to fade into the fabric of our adult world. A world where work, bills, and the hectic to and fro hide our adventurous path under the heavy foliage of life.

Lasts a Lifetime

People often break up the monotony of the day-to-day grind, by taking vacations and weekend trips to far flung places, enjoying scuba diving, sailing, sky-diving, hiking and a whole host of other adventurous endeavors. While these are wonderful in their own right, they are short and temporary. They only give us a small glimpse into the world of adventure. But what if you could live your life everyday like it's an adventure? What if from the moment you wake until the moment you fall asleep, life was one ongoing adventure that lasts a lifetime? Is that even possible? I say it is!

Just as one decides to change their lifestyle in favor of better health, one can also change their outlook, from that of hectic rat-race to one of constant mystery. Because that's what life really is...a mystery! The smell of spring flowers, the trickle of a small stream, the chirps of tiny birds, and the wind on ones face. All of these little things are happening around us day-to-day, and many times we take them for granted. We lock our radar onto synthetic auto-drive. We don't even realize that we live a large majority of our lives in this tunnel, whizzing by the rest of the world at a hundred miles per hour until we grow old and look back with yearning at all the things we passed and never enjoyed.

Live life as if today were your last...and leave no regrets.

“God has delivered me from going down to the pit, and I shall live to enjoy the light of life” (Job 33:28). 

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