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The Protector
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I’ve been in a hospital/nursing home situation for about a year, and of all the people I miss, I miss my cat the most. (Please understand, people who have cats don’t see them as animals. They are in no uncertain terms a member of their family.) You see, I’m an older gentleman who once had a very busy life in the healing arts but that is a lifetime ago now and while I retain its knowledge, it’s not something that I can return to.

I affectionately refer to my cat by the name of “Stinky” (not that he was). It wasn’t his real name but my name for him when he was showing his loving side.

When I would be asleep in bed he acted as my protector. He’d hop up onto the bed at the foot end so as to not disturb me; plant himself beside my arm or chest, and reach out with one outstretched paw, toes splayed wide, claws not extended. He’d touch me ever so gently, sometimes with a little shake, like the end of a yawn. And he would watch over me all night long.

Whenever he perceived danger, be it the flash and rumble of a thunderstorm, he would run to the window and chase it away. (Most animals and some people are frightened by lightning and thunder. In his role as my protector, he pushed himself beyond his comfort zone and displayed an unusual, perceivable level of love toward me.)

​Pounce On It

If something moved in the room, like a shirt on the chair falling to the floor, he would run and pounce on it. Tucking his front paws under his chin and momentarily rocking his hind-quarters from side to side, he’d position himself into a “pounce” (defined as a high leap into the air and landing with all four feet in a tight, compact pattern, usually with a frightening little attention-getting cry). After his task was done, he would always come back to me with a little nuzzle, rub his head on my hand and regain his position.

Much like Christ does for me now. Always with me, watching over me, ready to attack any danger that he perceives, in His own way, and yet never actually leaving me. I often talk with Him as a dear friend, pray to Him and for Him, knowing all the time that my friend, my protector, is someone that I can count upon to never leave me and He will watch over me both day and night.

The omnipresent idea is a little hard to grasp. But Christ is with everyone who wants and loves Him. The more you love Him, the more you feel His presence in your life.

Maybe the relationship with my cat was just training me to know what it feels like when you are loved and protected.

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