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Amazing Discovery!
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For me, one of the best aspects about reading, is discovery. And I suppose that in the same vein one of the reasons that I write is for others to discover.

My strong suit in writing is the interview, I absolutely love discovering people. And after a personality profile is published, one of the niftiest responses I get is when someone tells me, “I read your article about Mary Smith or Joe Jones and I never knew that about her or him.” And what I really enjoy is if that response is from someone who knew the person for years and never knew that particular fact. Or if that person is a well-known celebrity and a certain fact was never known before. People are interested in other people. That’s why magazines like People sell millions of copies.

My interviews aren’t published in People, however. So you know upfront that I’m not a rich writer (by the way, most writers are kin to starving poets, we just get by) but that’s because I choose not to write about the vanity of life but rather the sweet give-and-take-of-life. I suppose that some of the subjects I’ve written about may have gotten into People press at one time or another because of their famous names but not via one of my articles or photos.

In-Depth Study

The Bible offers much discovery through reading and studying it. When I started absorbing God’s Word, there were two main grabbers for me that drew me into in-depth study.

First of all, the news to me that world history was prophesied long before the events took place. That was an absolutely amazing fact for me because I’d been an avid student of ancient history in high school, fascinated by it all. I felt almost dumbfounded when I learned of the God’s hand-in-glove design.

Then, even more important I discovered that God was my Father. Having come from a home of domestic violence, the thought blew my mind! Though I knew my Dad, I seldom saw him. I always yearned for the smell of Old Spice, to have a Daddy’s lap to sit on without the smell of liquor or tobacco. Now, I really had a Daddy. Every day since and it’s been 64 years, that happy discovery has provided joy. I also learned through that discovery that I could forgive my Dad for his behavior—and lack of living out his fatherhood to me.

However, I think it would be selfish of me to discover something so delightfully wonderful as what I find in God’s Word and not share it with others. So I do. Sometimes it’s in written word, sometimes it’s in spoken word, sometimes face-to-face, sometimes from afar such as letters by post or email. But I hope most of all that what I discover has become part of who I am, that people know I’m a child of God. To me that’s the most amazing discovery. 

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