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God washed my world last night. Raindrops fell fast and thick, and the last rays of the sun lit up the corners of the sky as it set. It made the clouds look even darker. But there was sunshine on the wet grass, sunshine on the trees—sunshine that turned all those cold, gray drops of rain water into drops of gold. And somewhere not so far away, there was a beautiful rainbow. It was a moment that my camera could not really capture, but I wanted to capture it in my heart.

I went to bed with the sound of rain dripping from the roof in a steady rhythm. This morning there are tiny drops of water on every leaf and every blade of grass. They are just waiting to catch the glory of the morning sun and to reflect back a tiny picture of the new fresh world around them. Today, the rain is gone. The sun will shine again and my corner of the world will look more fresh and beautiful than it has in a while. All the dust has been washed away.

​Get Rid of the Dust

That’s just like life. God uses the rainstorms of trial and disappointment to get rid of the dust that settles in our hearts from everyday living. God uses uncomfortable things sometimes to keep us from holding on to the things we shouldn’t. Just like the rain, it washes off just the things that hide true beauty. Then when the sun shines again, our heart songs are more joyful, and we can appreciate the beauty of life in a new way. If we never knew what storms were like, we could never really appreciate the sunshine. If we didn’t experience God’s love during the hard times, we might take it for granted during the good ones.

If you find yourself walking in a spot of rain in your life today, remember to look for a rainbow. Remember that rain only lasts for a little while. The sun will come back, and life will be more beautiful because it rained.

The Bible says, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Psalms 30:5).

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