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You Can Do It!
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Recently, my husband Mark and I had the opportunity to watch our two nephews and niece run in a half marathon event. Their dad, Dwight, had trained to run the half marathon, too, but the week before the event, he developed a chest cold and wasn't able to participate. Dwight did help us to enjoy the marathon as spectators, however, by educating us on some of the details.

First, a half marathon is thirteen miles. That much we knew. What we didn't know were the details that happen along the run that are key to keeping the runners pushing onward.

For example, anyone who knows what the designated route of the run is can congregate along the sideline to watch. Some people watch from their houses or set up chairs along the sidewalk. Some groups put up water stands to hand the runners a drink as they pass. But mostly, people cheer the runners on, clapping and shouting encouragement.

The interesting thing is that as the runners come near the finish, there are musical bands along the way. The music serves not only as an element of energy, but as a sign to the runners that they are nearing the finish line. 

​Half Marathon

With these details explained, Dwight went on to share with Mark his own experience in a previous half marathon run he had participated in.

“I was running just as I had trained, but as I was nearing the end, I just felt that I couldn't go on," Dwight said. "Just when I was feeling the weakest, I heard someone along the sideline shout to me, 'You can do it! You're almost there! You're close enough to hear the music!'" Hearing that voice cheering him on, reminding him of how far he had already come and how close he was to the finish line filled Dwight with the courage he needed to keep moving ahead. And it was true. He could hear the music ahead. He was almost there. He could make it if he just kept running.

Dwight did finish. And as he shared his story with Mark, he told him that it reminded him of our spiritual race in this life. We've been running for a long time, and we can get weary. Very weary. We can even feel, at times, like stepping out of the race. But just when we feel too tired to go on, there is Jesus, standing along the way offering us Living Water. There is Jesus with his understanding words of encouragement, cheering,"You can do it! You're almost there! You're close enough to hear the music!" 

Paul compares our life journey with a race and reminds us of the matchless exhilaration that awaits us at the finish line.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7).

We're getting close. Can you hear the music?

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