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You Didn't Ask
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My eldest son recently celebrated a birthday. For several months he talked to, asked, and begged my wife to help him pick out an MP3 player. He earned some money and planned to treat himself for his birthday. Several times she told him to come and talk to me. For whatever reason, he chose to ignore her suggestion and the begging continued. My wife called me several times on my drive home telling me of his daily plea and my advice was always the same, "Tell him to come and talk to me."

Finally, one month and five days after his birthday he said to me, "Dad, I keep asking mom but she keeps telling me to talk to you about it. Can you help me pick out an MP3 player so I can buy one with my own money?"

After he asked me, I got up, went to my bedroom, retrieved a package, and handed it to him. I then said, "There is a lesson here."

He stared at me wondering what lesson, as well as what the package contained. I simply told him to open it. As he opened it, I informed him that I’d been sitting on that for sometime, a brand new MP3 player. I told him we decided to treat him for his birthday and he could keep his money. I also said, "All you needed to do was ask me." He didn't ask, so he never received. What an awesome object lesson in my hands. I continued, "People do the same thing to God. He is always there, waiting to answer our prayers, yet people often do not go to Him and ask."


We can be guilty of that very thing. The Bible tells us, "You want what you don't have, so you scheme and kill to get it. You are jealous of what others have, but you can't get it, so you fight and wage war to take it away from them. Yet you don't have what you want because you don't ask God for it." (James 4:2).

Just like I longed for my son to ask me, God longs for us to talk to Him about our problems. Sometimes He may have an immediate solution, while at other times He wants us to learn a lesson in patience.

At first my son did not understand my object lesson, but after repeating it and explaining how God also longs for us to ask Him, it clicked.

When it comes to children, we all should use every opportunity as a teaching moment or object lesson.

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