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Stubborn Bolts
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I was at my wit’s end. After two hours of trying to remove a stubborn nut from the blade on my riding lawnmower, I was ready to just put up with a dull blade. The other nut came off after much coaxing and sweating. But this second one wouldn’t budge.

I had a good socket and a nice breaker bar, about a foot long. After some initial tugging and pulling, I added some lubricant to the nut and bolt and let it sit for a little while. Still no luck. Next I took one of my large wrenches and slipped the boxed end over the end of the breaker bar to give it even more leverage. The nut was on rock solid.

It was as if the nut was challenging me. (Is this just a guy thing?) I was ready to do battle with that ornery piece of metal that was just under an inch in size. After spraying on more lubricant, I took a hammer and beat on the nut to “loosen it up”, as I’ve seen others do. It didn’t even phase my enemy. This called for war. A friend of mine once used a propane torch to heat up a stubborn nut and bolt to loosen it. After a minute of blasting it, I quickly stopped when I realized I might be cooking the grease out of the bearings underneath.

You Lost!

So, there I sat staring at the bottom of my lawnmower deck. The dull blade and nut looked back at me and said, “You lost!” (Not really, but I felt that way.) What could I do? I decided to give up for the time and get a good night’s rest.

The next day I remembered that some people use pneumatic wrenches to remove bolts (like those used for taking off wheel nuts for changing tires). Since I don’t own an air gun, I called my friendly neighbor who is always ready to help. “Sure, I’d be glad to loan you the tool.” After I plugged it into my air hose and air compressor, I popped on the socket and within three seconds the stubborn nut spun off. Sweet victory!

The experience reminded me that, just as I needed power outside of myself to get that stubborn nut off my lawn mower, so do I need God’s power to help me be a victorious Christian. I can’t do it on my own. When I admit my need and reach for help from the Lord, then I am able to win against the devil. As Paul said, “For when I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10).

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