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Heart Melody
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Unless one is deaf, it’s almost impossible not to notice if an instrument or a vocalist is out of tune. When the wrong note is hit, the listener reacts. A child might cover his or her ears, an adult may grimace. The performer may sweat with embarrassment.  Let’s face it—out of tune is obvious. Rather like a clang.

In tune, is pleasant to the ears. The musical piece leaves us with a feeling of delight. The performer is satisfied that the effort pleased the hearers.

Recently, I listened, almost spellbound, as a member of my church sang Via Dolorosa. She sang with such dignity, yet with humbleness, void of show and glitz. Certainly God accepted her offering as a love gift. She sang in tune, not only doing justice to the practiced music, but to the One to whom she offered it, the One who gave her the talent of voice.

I couldn’t help but ask myself, am I in tune with God? God knows that I’m not endowed with a melodious voice, but then I don’t pretend to be a singer. Yet I do claim to be a Christian. I don’t desire to be one making sour notes in my interchange with others and certainly not with God Himself. 

Beautiful Music

Rendering unto God beautiful music has always been a way of worshipping Him. But can I be out of tune in my relationship to God? For instance the biblical Psalms are poems that were originally sung as songs. Some are joyful, some are sad but, regardless, it is a worshipper coming to God and acknowledging Him. If I don’t sing, do I ignore the message of these poems thinking that they’re only for songsters to contemplate?

Do I have enough poems of hope underlined in my Bible, or committed to memory, that when someone I know (or perhaps me) needs encouragement, I can share or study the message therein? In other words, am I in tune with His Word? If I come up with nothing, I will ring as a flat note. No melody. A clang.

Ephesians 5:19 informs us that a part of walking wisely with God is, “…speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.”

Making melody to the Lord! This verse tells me that though I may not be a singer who can actually sing for special music as we gather for worship, I can still make melody by speaking the poetry of the Psalms. It reads to me that making melody in the heart can be done in various ways, so that my praise will honor God. And every time I do this I’m tuning up again so that my sound will not be a clang.

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