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Keep On!
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Is there something you’ve not accomplished that you’d like to accomplish? A worthy desire to give satisfaction for having done it?  Most people will probably answer “Yes” to that inquiry. Many of us hold to worthwhile dreams that we hope will become reality.

Opportunity is the key to unlocking that door. But unless you look for that door marked “opportunity” you’ll never walk through it. Often opportunities are overlooked, you might think they’re meant for someone else. And only later do you realize that door was meant for you. Yet even when you see the sign that reads, “Opportunity” a decision needs to be made, to walk through or not?

However, if you’re searching for that door it’s not likely that you’re sitting on your hands, already your antenna is up, you’re trying to accomplish that which you hope to do, even when it appears to some that your hope is all foolishness.

Dale Carnegie, who started out as a poor farm boy, but grew into a man who knew much about success by developing the Dale Carnegie Course for Effective Speaking and Human Relations, and wrote his world-renown book How to Make Friends and Influence People said this, “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all.”

Opportunity's Door

I remember as a teenager and later as a young mother myself, the fear that attended every summer. Children, who were especially vulnerable, and some adults, neighbors and friends, were struck with the dreaded polio, some crippled for life and others buried. 

Only recently I learned about how Jonas Salks' own comrades in the field of medicine faulted this physician who discovered the vaccine that eradicated poliomyelitis. I felt astonished at his tenacity when it seemed that all odds pushed against him. However, Salk saw clearly the door of opportunity for him to benefit mankind with his experiments—and despite those who advocated against him, success came: a safe vaccine, preventing crippling and saving lives. Thus, heralded as the man who defeated polio, this good happened only because Salk knocked on and walked through opportunity’s door.

You may not be striving to accomplish something quite as astounding as Dr. Salk did. The timing may be yet in waiting. Arnold Glasow, the late American businessman for 60 years, and humorist, who published his first book at age 92, admonished, “Timing is everything. It’s as important to know when as to know how.”

Keep on looking, keep on trying, keep on praying for God to allow you to spy your door of opportunitythen knock on it and walk through it.

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