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Pulling Weeds
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With springtime, come the weeds. During winter I never think about them, but I already see them popping up all over and it’s only early April, as I write.

Lawn weeds aren’t so bad because mowing hides most of them. Yet I must remember they are only hidden; they are still there. If they aren’t eradicated, they will take over. However it’s the gardens, both vegetable and flower gardens, in which weeds prove to be most noticeable. Like bullies, they want to be dominant, destroying or dwarfing the flower and vegetable plants.

My husband used to love to garden. The only thing he didn’t like about gardening was those bully weeds. Yet after weeding, he’d admire how fine the garden looked. He knew the plants would grow well without the invaders. His gardens displayed beautiful produce from his hard work. I felt the same way about my flower gardens. Those gardens gave delight without the weeds.

Full gardening is behind us, physical limitations stifle those pleasures. Porch pot-type gardening is our style now. Even this mini-gardening is gratifying. Yet we sometimes find weeds in the pots.

Overgrown with Weeds

A trip back to our hometown, a couple of years ago, sorrowed us when we saw our first home, now a shambles, overgrown with weeds. Where did the rose bushes go? and the flower beds our young daughter tended? Can this possibly be where we reared our children?

Living itself is a matter of life-gardening. Weeds are always bullying us. The wicked one is out to bring ruin to our life gardens. Satan desires our gardens to fail!

The Book of Lamentations shows us how life’s weeds can destroy our very personhood, even to the ruination of an entire city, the destruction of Jerusalem. Jeremiah’s words are in reality a funeral dirge. Though it’s sad, hard reading, it reminds us of our fate if we allow the adversary’s weeds (sins) to grow in our life’s gardens. However, chapter three, verses 22, 23 comforts us, “Through the Lord’s mercies, we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

Let’s praise Him for destroying the bully weeds in our lives so we may know life evermore in weed-free heaven and the earth made new.

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