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Learning From Nature
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The first day of spring, a friend called telling us that it was the ideal time to plant seeds for above-the-ground crops. But where we live there was still snow predicted.

In the mountains ,we must prepare weeks ahead in order to plant and produce a crop since the growing season is much shorter than in the lower, warmer regions. Cold snaps and even snow flurries can occur into the first part of May, so we must wait until after Mother’s Day to plant outdoors.

To offset this, we plant our seeds in small pots and keep them in a large, clear, sealed container in the dining room window under the southern sunshine. When the seedlings are a few inches tall, we place them into a small indoor greenhouse near the window and not far from the wood stove. By planting time they will have grown several inches high.

Each year I am filled with excitement as I look forward to the miracles that await me. The mystery of seeds never fails to astonish me. I awake each morning wondering if this will be the day that they will grace me with their entrance into the world—poking their heads slowly above the soil. I never thought that a small stem and two little leaves would bring me such joy as one by one they emerge.  

Spring into Life

What a wonder is concealed in each seed. Even the smallest seed contains the rudiments of roots, stems, leaves, and its fruits (or flowers). To look at them they appear to have no life. Each seed is dry and hard, but when the environment (soil, water, sunshine, and nutrition) are satisfactory they spring into life and become a living marvel.

This brings to my mind a picture of the transformation of a child of the world into a child of the King. Absorbed in the world and all that it offers, we become units disconnected from the living vine (Christ); just like little seeds, dry and hardened and not serving any real purpose.            

Then, one day, something wonderful begins to happen. The Son shines into our life as we hear of the love of Jesus. The soil of our heart is softened by the living water (the gospel of Christ), and we are fed the bread of life as we study His Word. Christ begins to infuse us with spiritual life. Our hard shell falls away, and we begin to grow and change.

The Bible says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Corinthians 5: 17).

Nature is filled with the amazing truths of God. We must only take time to observe.

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