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Butterflies and Babies
Photo: Dreamstime
Our young children are at that point in their lives where we’re teaching them about the facts of life…sex. At first, this seemed like a daunting job. And not just us! A friend’s recent Facebook post revealed that other parents are in the same boat. “My eight-year-old, [name removed], JUST asked me how parents make babies…I was SO not ready. I changed the subject, but now she's nagging me. [spouse’s name removed]…help me out with this!!”

A Kia Automotive Corporation commercial humorously shows a parent telling his child that he came from a planet where all children are made, and space-rocket-delivered to earth at the right time, where they then parachute to their parents. Although comical, it propagates the fallacy that it’s a taboo and difficult topic.

How much shall I tell my child? At what age do I start, and how in the world to go about it? Nearly all parents in all ages will stare down these questions with trepidation.

It was quite nerve-wracking at first thought. Do we leave it for someone else or do we teach it ourselves? Leaving it to someone else may not accomplish what we want them to learn. Satan endeavors to destroy this innocent beautiful thing ordained by God.

Privilege and Sacred Duty

The story of sex/procreation is a remarkable love story. It is and should be a privilege and sacred duty of every parent to impart this wisdom to their children. My wife and I have learned a good way to go about it:

Tell the Truth: First learn as much information as you can about teaching your child about sex.

Pray: Ask God to clear your mind of thoughts that sex is a taboo and/or dirty subject. God the creator, in His love, gave parents a small way to be like Him in helping create life.

Teachable Moments: Teach your child from the earliest age using simple examples from nature; plants spread pollen using butterflies, wind, and bees to aid the process. Move-up to more complex animals like birds and fish as they get older, then when the child’s maturity level is there, move to mammals.

Make It Personal: God loves parents so much He didn’t want us to be alone, so He gave us children; similar to how He made Adam and Eve. But God also wanted parents to have a part in creating them.

Our motto: Keep it simple, tell the truth!

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