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The Singing Comes
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Each springtime, when buds and blossoms cover trees and bushes, my heart leaps—and always the words of the Song of Solomon, indeed, sing to my heart, especially, chapter two, verses 11 and 12, “For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing is come.”

I go to my Bible and reread again this love story. I’m so grateful that God’s Spirit guided wise, godly men to include it as a part of Scripture. To overlook this book is to overlook an important aspect of God’s love for me. And after I’ve read it, I feel young and invigorated, for the very words give strength to my winter-weary bones. I realize anew that there is more than winter in weather or life.

Valuable Treasure

The imagery and metaphors in Greek and Latin refer to it as “The Best Song.” In the Hebrew it’s the “Song of Songs.” Regardless of the title, the words speak of love’s sweetness between a man and a woman, and as I search the yet finer beauty of the story I discover the allegory message of the deep love of God toward me. I find myself as a valuable treasure to Him. I am a part of the bride that Jesus will take to heaven. Those of us who desire Jesus will be a part of that whole.

When we leave this planet, our life of winter’s storms will be past. We’ll find all heaven in bloom, and verdant without earth’s pollen allergies. No more grey clouds. I suspect that our marveling will remain constant. Our song, a love song to Jesus, will thank him for the pure bridal gift of salvation.

For me, I borrow the Shulamite’s words, as Solomon’s bride, that close this Bible book in chapter eight, “Make haste, my beloved, and be like a gazelle or a young stag on the mountain of spices.” Yes, certainly, when He comes, we who are in love with Jesus and await Him will rejoice—and the singing comes because winter is over and age is no more.

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