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I own an e-reader which my children use for school. I recently purchased the official cover for protection from the many drops it most assuredly will receive. One of the cover’s features is that it somehow turns the e-reader off when the lid is closed.

Returning home from work one evening, I caught my six-year-old son standing on our couch with the e-Reader on the back cushion. His torso bent over, he cocked his head and stared in between the lid while slowly closing it, trying to determine the exact second the power turned off. Seeing me, he excitedly declared, "Dad, that is soooooo cooool. How does it know when it's closed...and when does it go to sleep? That is so awesome!" I couldn't help quietly chuckling at his inquiring, innocent mind.

For centuries moms, dads, and just about anyone with a funny bone have laughed or chuckled at some child's play. Even Jesus found amusement, and laughes with children. Their curiosity is boundless.

Don’t we as adults possess a similar curiosity? All the way back in Genesis 3, Eve found herself, figuratively speaking, peeking under the lid. Like my son, she was curious. She wanted to know how the snake knew so much. How was the snake able to speak to her; was it because of the fruit?

Foundation for Inventions

Curiosity enables young children to learn. It's the foundation for inventions, writers and basically anything creative. It drove inventors to build airplanes and automobiles improving our ability to travel.

In a recent conversation with a friend, she revealed to me that her curiosity led her away from the God of the Bible, and she is now caught up in presumptuous thinking that she can aspire to be a god.

Curiosity is a good thing, but if it leads you away from God, that is where it becomes an negative issue. Our curiosity should be like a child innocently asking his father question after question, looking for answers, not mischief. Even Jesus told the grown-ups around Him, "...I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 18:3).

God gave us all brilliant minds and a desire for knowledge, but we must constantly reference back to Him and the Bible making sure our curiosity is not pulling us in the wrong direction. Children have parents to guide them; our guidance must be God’s Word.

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