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Where Angels Dwell
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My friend, Sherrill, and I formed the practice several years ago of having a weekly prayer time together. During that time, we have shared joys and concerns, heartaches, anxiety, and even laughter. Sometimes we have met at the church that we both attend, and often we have met in my home.

Recently, after not having met for our prayer time in a while, Sherrill came over one day and asked if we could resume. I was more than happy to start our prayer time again as it had been such a wonderful blessing and encouragement. As we knelt by our living room couch, Sherrill touched the upholstery and sighed, “Oh, it's good to be here again.”

I said, “Yeah, this couch is kind of like an altar for us, isn't it?” She agreed and went on to say that our home was like a haven of peace and that there was just something about being in the surroundings of our house that was very comforting. I thanked her for the best complement I could receive.

Later, I remembered something that the pastor who performed the wedding ceremony for Mark and I had said. As he prayed the prayer of blessing on our marriage, he lifted his head to the heavens (I know this by looking at wedding pictures later), and holding his Bible securely in his hands, he prayed, “Let their home be a place where the angels of God love to dwell.” What a beautiful request for man of God to make for a young couple starting their journey together! We have often thought of it and have not only been grateful for the petition, but also observant of God's answer. And then, again, I thanked God for that gift as Sherrill mentioned the peace of our home.

Visualizing Angels

The conversation with Sherrill also caused me to think of being more careful about visualizing angels in our home and Pastor Hill's prayer that we would make it a place where they would actually “love to dwell.”

It is exciting to think of God's angels being present in our homes, isn't it? Still, there are other angels who love to dwell in our homes. Evil angels who tempt us, provoke us, and even speak to us through media if we allow it. But the Bible gives us instructions for how to keep angels of God in and the angels of Satan out.

For example, I Corinthians 2:16 puts it simply to “have the mind of Christ.” If we keep our minds on Christ as individuals and as a family, the angels will feel at home. Finally, we should follow the example of Joshua, who claimed with confidence, “Choose you this day whom you will serve..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15).

Family ife isn't always perfect, that's for sure, but with angels hanging out with us, it's as good as it can get on this planet.

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