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Eat Well, Know God
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It’s that time again. I’m a few months into the year, and the enthusiasm for my “eat healthy” New Year’s resolution is wearing dangerously thin. Where, oh where, can I find the motivation to forego the junk food? I’m too old to care much about what others think of my physical appearance. That might have motivated me in my younger years, but not so much these days. If I’m a few pounds overweight, I can probably live with it. Vanity alone fails to keep me choosing carrot sticks over cookies!

Thankfully, I believe I have found the higher motivation I need to persevere in my dietary resolve. This motivation actually comes from my other New Year’s resolution—my desire to know and love God more this year. I didn’t realize that “eat healthy” and “know God” were intrinsically related, but they are. You see, my diet is not just about my waistline, it actually affects my ability to connect with God.

Food Faux Pas

When I eat poorly—opting for the sugary, fatty, and salty over a natural, simple fare—I feel poorly. I drag around. I grope through a mental fog. And then I feel guilty about it and beat myself up for succumbing to my piggish tendencies. This self-inflicted physical and mental state depresses me. It in no way energizes me to wake up and spend time with God, and if I do manage to stumble out of bed early, I struggle to focus on my Bible study and prayer. I have truly learned through my recent food faux pas that the junk I eat affects my entire body, including my mind. It hinders my focus on God and my capacity to receive even more of His Holy Spirit in my heart. This is not something I want to hinder!  

Any other year, I would surely have thrown in the towel on my healthy eating resolution by now, but not this year. I dare not slack in my resolve to grow closer to God, which means that I must not give up on my diet either. The words of 1 Corinthians 10:31 have taken on a whole new meaning for me. “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” I can’t glorify God unless I know Him, and I am not nearly as effective at getting to know Him when I am not physically and mentally energized by a healthy diet. Truly, God’s plan is a win-win for me. By His grace, my spiritual life will expand this year while my waistline shrinks.

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