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Old Socks
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I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time getting rid of old socks. Threads may be missing, holes appearing in the heels, and shoe stains clearly visible around the edges, but something inside of me just can’t walk over to the trash can and toss them away. I mean, my socks have been through thick and thin with me. They have gone on vacations, seen the arrival of new family additions, walked for hundreds of miles, kept me warm and protected, and despite the occasional hide and seek that socks tend to like to play with me, are usually there when I need them.

My dirty old, holey socks got me thinking about God, and how down through the ages his love hasn’t wavered. Despite the holes in our hearts, the dirty, grimy edges of our souls, the torn threads of our emotions, He hasn’t walked over to a dustbin at the edge of the universe and tossed us away in favor of something fresh and new. Instead, He continues to love us more and more, as age and sin eat at our ravaged hearts.

Shine Us Up

God's promises in the Bible are not the “getting rid” of us kind, they are the “cleansing” kind. He has promised us that someday, the holes, the broken hearts, the devastation of loss, the sludge of sin will be blotted out, and our hearts will be white as snow. God will throw away our sins as if they had never happened, but not us. He will dust each one of us off, like prized gems, plucked from the dusty earth, shine us up, salve our broken hearts and spirits and replenish our souls in a new world free from the darkness of sin and destruction.

Now, I know that my socks eventually will give out and a new pair will be in order, that is the way of this earth. Yet, it’s both a great reminder and a great comfort to know that beyond this, lies another place; a place where the tired can rest, and a place where our hearts can breathe in the light of glory.

Just like the scars on Jesus’ hands, we’ll always remember where we came from, and we’ll appreciate that much more where we’ve arrived.

“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool” (Isaiah 1:18).

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