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By Example
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The person who made the greatest impact on my spiritual life was my dad. Although dependent on a wheelchair, he reached out past his limitations into the hearts of many searching people, planting seeds of life. He showed those around him that whatever they chose to do and however they decided to spend their time, all barriers could be overcome if they depended on Jesus.   

At a very early age, I watched as Dad shared the Bible and I assisted whenever I could.  His hands were deformed by arthritis, so as best I could, I helped him stencil and paint Bible verses on signs which we hung every few feet along the road running by our rural home.  

I remember observing Dad on his occasional trips downtown; he sat at the curb with the car door held wide telling each person that came near about the love of God. Best of all, are the memories of kneeling around Dad’s bed with Mom, and my brother and sister for evening prayer.  

These examples during my early childhood, held firmly as I continued to study Scripture, much the same way as I had watched my Dad study, with Bible open and pen in hand. They were the base on which I developed my great love for Bible study and my walk with God.


We never know when or to whom we will be a witness, but I can guarantee that it will happen. And, when it does, what we say and do will be an example for good or for bad to those around us. We all have experienced being swayed one way or another by the actions or words of others? And how many parents have seen themselves in the behavior and expressions of their children?

We may forget we are examples at church, in the market, while driving, at restaurants, and every place we go; both to fellow Christians as well as those who do not know Jesus.  Each individual regardless of age, child or adult, can be a blessing to others; coworkers with Jesus leading others to the kingdom of heaven.    

In Scripture, Timothy was instructed, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believer in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity” (1Timothy 4:12).

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