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Goodbye Stress
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As a kid, I loved watching The Swiss Family Robinson. I would watch it over and over, and then I’d venture out into my wild backyard and sword fight with hosts of pirates(pine branches), look for sunken treasure(usually in my sandbox), and pretend to ride around on a Zebra (a stick horse with mangy hair). While I never became rich off my treasure hunting adventures, it did give me a healthy outlet for boatloads of energy I had inside. By the end of a long day of playing and pretending, I was ready for a good nights sleep!

Nowadays, with the constant barrage of information, stacks of homework, video games and tons of other duties, the fun and carefree nature of being a kid has all but disappeared. The world is moving faster and faster, and our children are being asked to keep up, or risk falling behind.

Most Stressed Generations

The news recently reported that the most stressed out generations are the Millennials (1982-2004), and Generation X’ers (1961-1981), with a large percent of them, when polled, saying they feel stressed to the max to keep up with societal pressures and standards. If these statistics continue down this road, what will their children and their children's children’s stress levels be? What steps can be taken to reverse this onslaught of stress and give our children back the gift of childhood?

I believe having a mind free from the world’s turmoil, a healthy abundance of outdoor activities, ample amounts of sleep, exercise, fresh water, and a good diet are great steps for helping your child feel less stressed out. Watching a movie here and there, reading books, and making crafts can be great tools to help a child’s imagination flourish, I know it did for me! But I always felt best after a day out in the sun, my jeans covered in grass stains, the smell of fresh air, and rosey cheeks!

God made a wonderful world for us to explore and create in, but it’s up to us to get out in it and get our hands wet.

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