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Lift Your Voice
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A few months ago, I was attending a meeting in which the subject of verbal witnessing was a part of the discussion. One of the attendees said that he doesn’t have a burden to witness verbally. He feels that his life should show that he’s a Christian, and that observers should ask him what he believes. If they don’t, he assumes they simply don’t want to know about God. He said that he doesn’t like soap-box preachers. Well, I don’t like that kind of in-your-face gospel talk either, but do you agree with keeping silent? I don’t.

This is why: Scripture tells us plainly that “if we declare with our mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe that God raised Him from the dead, that we will be saved” (Romans 10:9).

Powerful Promise

Wow! That’s a powerful promise! However, do you see the responsibility set forth in that statement?  Obviously, our verbal witness will draw others to Him. It may be a friend or a stranger, and it certainly may be our family. Faithful, spoken prayers will stay with family members and they will experience God as a result. Of course, how we live our lives must follow or else we speak for naught.

Hypocrites don’t win souls to Christ. And hypocrisy is seen in one’s own home quicker than anywhere else. Our family knows who we are. You’ve probably heard the advertisement that states, “You can’t fool Mother Nature” haven’t you? Well, don’t try fooling God, it doesn’t work. Yet the responsibility doesn’t stay with us alone, God takes responsibility too, as He’ll send his Holy Spirit to touch our lips when we speak for Him and those words will touch the hearer’s ears.

Think about how Jesus speaks for us every day before His Father—our Father. We don’t deserve His word in our behalf, but Jesus loves us and wants to declare us before God. So it should be with us. Do we love Him enough to declare Him verbally to others, so that they, too, may know Him? I want to lift my voice for Him, how about you?

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