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Sick and Tired
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I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. The germs have hit hard in our family this winter. And with three kids under the age of eight, what goes around comes around. We’ll finally get one well and the next will fall. I can’t even believe how many days we’ve missed of school since Thanksgiving. 
I finally felt overwhelmed by it all the other day and thought – I’ve got to do something. I know I can’t control the friends they sit next to at school or the sneeze they accidently walk through, but there are some very basic things I can do:
  1. Eat out less. We moved into a new house during Thanksgiving week and the subsequent house chaos meant we chose to eat out a LOT. A lot more than usual. And I know that the food at fast food places or even nicer restaurants is not as good for us as the home cooked food I can provide. I know they were getting a lot more French fries than broccoli during those weeks. And that couldn’t have helped their immune systems much.
  2. Fruit and Veggies. It doesn’t take much for me to throw another bag of clementines or apples or baby carrots into the shopping cart. Having healthy snacks on hand for the “Moooooommmm, I’m huuunnngry!” moments is so important. We’ve also downloaded a few recipes from the internet and have added a green smoothie (with lots of yummy fruit to sweeten it) to our afternoon snack time.
  3. Play. When things are chaotic (as they have been for us this winter) it’s easy to turn on the TV and just let it babysit them while I unpack yet another box from the movers. But a little time outside is good for all of us. Not just the exercise, but the fresh air, the fun together and the change of scenery. (And I highly recommend geocaching if you haven’t given it a try.)
  4. Sleep. A regular bedtime routine that means they get enough rest is so important. Staying up for one more story or a fun activity might be tempting, but bodies in need of rest aren’t as good at fighting off those yucky germs.
I know these suggestions are hardly a surprise to any of you. But it took me sitting down and thinking over our recent weeks to realize I wasn’t following these most basic priorities to keep my family healthy! So back to the basics.
Here’s to a sickness free month!

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