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Lesson from Lost Teeth
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My son is at the age, where he seems to be losing teeth left and right. At first, he was nervous and didn’t let us come near his loose tooth to try and help wiggle it out. He was scared it would bleed and hurt. He couldn’t bite into his food nearly as well, due to his fear of his teeth falling out and that frustrated him. But his teeth eventually fell out (due to his letting them stay put until they were well past ready), and he realized it really wasn’t that bad.

A few weeks ago, it was his two front teeth that were loose at the same time. He wiggled them and played with them and eventually got so fed up with them, that he actually pulled them out himself! He decided he wasn’t so afraid to see a little blood based off of his previous experience of losing his other teeth.

Don't Want to be Prodded

This reminds me of how we are with God. We may encounter new experiences and feel God’s presence and Him trying to help us along. We may feel like we don’t want to be prodded due to our own fears of the unknown. But with God’s help, we can gain strength to take action and strive towards positive results.

Before my son pulled his teeth out, he said that he prayed about it. He was scared. When he pulled them out, he ran to us and said, “Mom, Dad, I did it! Now I don’t have to be frustrated when I eat.” He was so relieved.

We most likely will go through situations much more complicated and sometimes more frightening than losing teeth. We can ask for God’s guidance no matter how small or big our fears or problems. Once we get through them and come to the other side, we can rest our weary souls and feel that great sense of relief that only peace from God can provide. “Everyone who honors your name can trust you, because you are faithful to all who depend on you” (Psalm 9:10).

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