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Part of the Flock
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We have a dog named Elijah. He is a border collie/greyhound mix. He mostly looks like a big border collie and his characteristics certainly resemble the border collie. He is obsessed with “herding”—our cat.

Before he took residence with us, he lived in a home with dogs—no cats. When he first moved into our home, he seemed a bit confused as to what a cat really was. A little too fluffy to be a dog, and a little too sassy!

Though he couldn’t quite figure out what to think of the cat, he knew that one thing was certain: he needed to herd her and protect her. Those of us that own cats know how this works out! Cats do not like to be told what to do, and certainly do not listen if you do try to tell them.

Elijah spent weeks trying to figure out her routine. Once he got that down, it was a matter of staying close by and keeping watch over her EVERY move. She hissed at him and growled, letting him know that she wasn’t impressed and that she needed space. And so the days of “herding” began, and the cat started getting used to this devoted dog.

I Had to Laugh

On some days, the cat would almost seem to be cooperating and would run around and go under the bed where he wanted her. On other days, she would lay around and ignore him as if to say, “Go ahead, try to ‘herd’ me. But I am staying right where I am.” On the days when he couldn’t get her to do as he wanted, he would run around in wild circles, not giving up his need to control. I just had to laugh as I watched this scenario unfold.

Elijah made me think of God’s devotion to us. We are God’s flock. He likes us to stay where He knows we will be safe. We do not always listen and we ignore His “herding” at times. I can see God “running” in wild circles around us, just like our dog, trying to ensure our safety, yet knowing He can’t force us to comply.

At night, Elijah continues his “herding” ways and lays on the floor at the entrance of our room, always aware and alert.

God does the same with us. He never tires watching over us. The Bible says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. (Psalm 32:8).

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