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Ever have one of those days where you’re bored with life and want to try something new? I had one last week. That feeling probably has a lot to do with the miserable weather, the cold, short days and long dark nights. So, I did some surfing … on the Internet. After some thought and a lot of day dreaming I decided I needed to get back to singing in a group that uses music — requiring note-reading ability. Marysville University hosts a women’s chorale with concert dates listed. Unfortunately, the auditions had been the week before. Figuring nothing ventured, nothing gained, I emailed the director asking if there were going to be any make-up auditions.

That was the easy part. When I received an invitation to meet the next Sunday afternoon, my blood pressure increased, I broke out in a sweat, and felt a little sick to my stomach. What had I gotten myself into? What if I didn’t make the cut? Suppose I got laryngitis? How embarrassed would I be?

Fearless Singer

In my youth – some 40-plus years ago —I had been a fearless singer, but over the years singing in church choirs where we often didn’t use music but learned everything by rote, I’d gotten rusty. My once clear high b-flat was gone and been replaced by a Mahalia Jackson-type alto with a range octaves lower.

I wanted to be stretched so I went for it and became a member of the group that day. It was scary but I feel so accomplished. Spending a few hours every week with 25 women of all ages singing great literature in beautiful harmony can’t be beat.

Stretching’s evidently a good thing. The Bible shows many instances where people strained to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do — where they took a chance. And even though the “chance” they took was God ordained, there was probably fear involved. I think of Esther going before King Xerxes, the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant stretching out to step into the Jordan, or David prayerfully placing a stone in his sling. They stretched — maybe you should, too.  

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