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What Is Family?
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Every year, a good buddy of mine takes a week off from work and heads up to a small camp in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, where he joins a dynamic group of dedicated men and women who have chosen to serve their fellow men and women by providing a fun, safe space where the blind can come and enjoy some time away from the monotony of life. Some of the blind come from broken families, bad families, or have been abandoned altogether. Yet when they enter the camp, they join together as one big family.

Sledding, snowmobiling, hanging out, singing songs, and huge amounts of laughter are shared by all. It truly is a togetherness, family-like atmosphere. The bonding that happens there lasts well beyond the one week spent in the mountains. Even months after the camp is over, my buddy continues to get phone calls from some of the blind campers and both feel as if they are part of each others families.

The word family doesn’t always refer to your biological family; of course it can be. But some people grow up without families, or are in abusive families or other bad situations. They don’t have the warmth and contentment of being loved and cared for, that others experience. Yet there are other ways a family can be built.

God's Family

Jesus walked throughout the land, building relationships with broken and hurting people, fostering their growth in the form of a new family. God’s family! He taught people to love others, to accept others and to invite them into their households to give them food, water, and shelter.

A church is not a church without the people and a family is not a family without the proper ingredients. Jesus, through the Bible, has given us guidelines that we can follow that help foster the health and growth of a family, whether it’s biological or otherwise. It starts with love and understanding and it grows from there.

God promises us, if we follow Him that we too can be part of His ever growing family. "For you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 3:26). Wouldn’t you like to join in on the promises He offers!

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