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God Led, I Followed
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We never know what Jesus has planned for us when we allow Him to lead in our lives. But rest assured that He will give us opportunities and blessings that we would otherwise never experience.  

It was a beautiful sunny day; my husband and I were out shopping for plants when suddenly there was a subtle nudge to begin a conversation with a woman standing next to me about the strawberry plants. I recognized this as the gentle prodding of the Holy Spirit. She was very open to chatting and told me about her delicious freezer jam and offered to share the recipe, so I gave her my phone number. As we talked, I learned that her husband had passed away a year before, and she was still grieving and lonely.  

From this conversation, has grown a four-year friendship and a most wonderful chance to share the truths of the Bible, to pray together, to give and receive support, and to enjoy times of laughter. At present, we are studying the book of Genesis.  


Christ spent His life on earth ministering to others and plans to continue this work through His children until He comes again. It is a privilege to know that the Almighty God, the Great I Am has chosen us as coworkers in the work of redemption. Jesus could complete this work quickly and efficiently without our help but has chosen to allow us the honor of working side by side with Him.

When Jesus calls us, He lovingly offers His yoke (His divine will and way of life), and we humbly accept for we know it will keep us steadfast and true. Since Jesus is stronger, His yoke will carry the majority of the burden allowing us to carry that which we are able to bear. Walking hand in hand with Jesus will prevent us from straying off alone onto some forbidden path.   

Beginning the day with prayer for courage to put our day in God’s hands, gives Him the opportunity to use us in His work. God is ever willing and able to meet the needs of others through our ministry. In these worrisome times, many are willing to listen to the message of salvation who would otherwise not be interested.

"Preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke, and exhort, be unfailing in patience and in teaching" (2 Timothy 4:2).

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