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Readers Comments (2012)
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Comments for article: Seeing Like God
Dian Gomes. Dec 29, 2012.
Many of us really are quick to judge, and believe it or not, we are very wrong in our judgement most times. How do we prevent this? Matthew 7 is Jesus' word to us and if we're struggling with the issue of passing judgement quickly, we should include this in our morning devotions. Thanks for reminding us. May God bless us in our walk!

Comments for article: Old Dog
Lois. Dec 27, 2012.
This brought tears. Isn't it so amazing that as God calls us to himself, he gives us a way to minister through the very gifts he endowed in us before our birth? God bless Old Dog and BK who wrote about him!

Comments for article: Seeing Like God
jd. Dec 25, 2012.

Comments for article: Four a.m. Friend
Terik. Dec 25, 2012
I want to be that kind of friend. Jesus help me to know ways I can.

Comments for article: Holiday Treasures
Jane. Dec 19, 2012.
Making gifts brings much joy. Thanks for the encouragment.

Comments for article: Forgiving Others
Daniel. Dec 10, 2012.
Well Said! This truly is an area we must all work on and strive to improve in our own lives. I know people who've grown bitter for harboring years worth of malice. Because of that, they perceive God cannot forgive them, but instead it's because they can't let go of their own feelings and forgive others. They project on God what they do. Thank you for the wonderful reminding article.

Comments for article: Try New Things
Joan. Dec 5, 2012.
Good for the brain and soul!!

Comments for article: Cleaning and Cleaning
Lin. Dec 4, 2012.
I can relate! I too often put things in front of people. I pray that God will help me put my relationships first.

Comments for article: My Signet Ring
Kim Jackson. Nov 13, 2012.
Awesome word! It reminds of the relationship we should have with Christ. It blessed me and reminded me of the authority He has given me and the power He has placed in my life. I am blessed, because I am studying the significance of the signet ring and I loved the way this message comes together with reminding you of the seal that is on our lives. He has chosen us not we ourselves and He holds all authority because He is the King of kings!!! .....thank you for this word!!!

Comments for article: Lighten the Load
Helen. Nov 10, 2012.
I love backpacking and can relate to this article. God is so good! The lessons of God's love and care during outdoor adventure activities with the Pathfinder Club have been wonderful. We have nothing to fear for future... I have seen God's hand in my life in the past over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Comments for article: Monster Myths
Bill. Nov 4, 2012.
I loved the pit bull article. The entire Seventh-day Adventist message is designed to "Give Glory to God". I believe we do this by clearing up these misconceptions about His character. The atonement is finished, the veil has ben torn asunder. We can now know God thru the life of His Son. He is not angry at us... We need to respond to His love and acceptance... Of course we are sinners. He calls us to repent.... Instead we have convinced ourselves that we are commandment keepers... I repent of my commandment breaking ! I need Christ in me, the only hope of glory! Articles like the pit bull story give hope to a miserable sinner like me. God IS LOVE!

Comments for article: The Grace of Failure
Gavin Johns. Oct 30, 2012.
I lost my father when I was five but thank God for his leading and for my God fearing mother.

Comments for article: Passing the Baton
N. Oct 24, 2012.
Thank you for sharing. I'm a runner also, I see Christ's love so much through my races. I too press towards the mark, keeping my eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of my faith.

Comments for ¿Es Difícil ser Padres, Hoy?
Yalissa. Oct 19, 2012.
Hi! Interesting article.

Comments for article: Rock Star!
Rich DuBose. Oct 15, 2012.
Thanks for sharing your story! Sometimes you wonder what you CAN eat that won't cause bodily harm. Water is certainly a huge healer for many ills. If we can just remember to drink enough.

Comments for article: Little Thief
Dorcas Sweeney. Oct 14, 2012.
Thank you for sharing your story. I will be sharing at worship time this article with our three children!  It's a good lesson.

Comments for article: Ordinary Days
Betty Kossick. Oct 9, 2012.
Thank you for the reminder that ordinary is important!

Comments for article: Someone Listened
Betty Kossick. Oct 7, 2012.
As human beings there's probably nothing as important as lending a listening ear to another human. Listening can make all the difference in the life of another--and perahps our own. We need to be reminded of the ministry fo listening. Thanks for such a reminder.

Comments for article: Little Thief
Lois. Oct 3, 2012.
Benjamin, Thank you for sharing through your articles such precious insights and lessons in life. I always look forward to reading them.

Comments for article: Pinning the Tail
Lisa. Sept 29, 2012.
I too am guilty of this and the people I have met over the past are also guilty of this. It is a hard lesson to learn and even harder habit to break! Am so glad we serve such a forgiving and loving God! Without His mercy and grace, we would all be lost in the world of blame without a clear way out!

Comments for article: Cats In Heaven?
Michael Bender. Sept 23, 2012.
A wise and loving old fellow once told me from all the listening to preachers and reading of the Bible he has been exposed to, he is certain God will be fair in all ways. To him that meant if something is not going to be in heaven that we cherish in this life, He will wipe it from our memory as though it never existed. So, taking that to heart, if we don't see our former pets in heaven or the new earth, we won't remember them because that would be hurtful and God has promised to remove all sorrow and pain. I just put my trust that God will erase all pain and that is sufficient for me.

Comments for article: It's Your Bag
Mike. Sept 21, 2012.
Thank you for this informative article. Too often simple solutions - i.e. substituting reusable for plastic bags are used before looking into all factors. What a lesson for all of us as we look at other options in our lives. Satan has many ways to get us off the track!!

Comments for article: Blessed Disappointments
Busie Sempe. Sept 13, 2012.
That's taking God by His word, faith at its best.

Comments for article: Blessed Disappointments
Annie. Sept 7, 2012.
Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. I am learning to trust God for all things. I know that His will is always the best.

Comments for article: Blessed Disappointments
Lucy. Sept 7, 2012.
Great story - it is often hard to accept God's will in our lives. I try to remember that everything I have is the Lord's and I often
need to be reminded that includes "my" [HIS} time. Thanks for the link to GraceNotes!

Comments for article: Wanted: Adopters
Ruth Osoro. Sept 6, 2012.
Thanks for the wonderful article. It is uplifting.

Comments for article: Blessed Disappointments
Rose C. Sept 3, 2012.
I learned so much from your experience and the way you relied on God. I used to blame myself and feel bad when things didn't go according to my will.

Comments for article: Blessed Disappointments
Lyn. Sept 1, 2012.
I like the honest reflection of this writer. It's easy to pray for things we know we desire and especially for what we need. To leave it in God's hands is what is not easy. It's easy to daydream about the "what if''s" all the while bringing our thoughts in line with reality that God is in control. When the outcome is not what I need, it's easy to get discouraged. The writer shows the blessing of not receiving what we think is best for us; knowing that we are trusting God. That's growth in Christ. Thank you.

Comments for article: Sorting It Out
Alicia. Aug 31, 2012.
Sometimes when we try to give advice to someone, that person reacts differently then we expected, so the best thing to do is pray for them instead, and let God take care of it.

Comments for article: Blessed Disappointments
Marcey. Aug 31, 2012.
What a blessing this article has been. God knows I need to trust Him more and He gave me this article at a time when I also am job hunting. After leaving my son to begin his first year at University, the day I returned to work, my boss told me she would have to give me a 4 weeks' notice to find a job as she can no longer afford to pay. I am challenging God to secure me a job within 2 weeks, but as your article says, "I have to trust God's judgment"
Thanks again.

Comments for article: I’m Praying for You
Bettt Pape. Aug 26, 2012.
The article brought tears to my eyes as I have been praying about a certan subject for two plus years and I keep getting the same answer, but I just can't seem to let go. My friends and family have prayed right along with me but I find it hard to accept the answer that keeps being presented to me. Right now I just need prayer to accept what keeps coming up as the answer. 

Comments for article: Sorting It Out
Anonymous. Aug 25, 2012.
I am happy that you were able to sort it out. (Angry but sin not). I noticed that you stated that you were not hurt but was furious. I do want to point out that you became furious because you were hurt. When we are hurting we feel pain and the pain that we feel puts us on the defensive. Anger as we know it is a protective feeling resulting in our defensive behavior. The fury that is felt is part of our defense mechanism. That is why we feel like lashing out , want to scream and carry-on, but that would then be a sin. The next time you feel hurt remember that anger does follow hurt but we have the ability to choose our responsive behavior.

Comments for article: We Are His Jewels
Angela Baldwin. Aug 25, 2012.
Praise the Lord!!! Excellent article and it really ministered to me. Glory to our King!!!

Comments for article:  I’m Praying for You
Amy. Aug 24, 2012.
Thank you for writing your egrace devotions. I really appreciate you praying for the readers (me) and I have started taking my prayer life and devotional time more serious and have it daily. I can not remember on my own all the needs I need to pray for so I use my iPad to keep an ongoing list of things I lift up to God, and it has been such a beneficial way of tracking answered prayers because so often I have to change the "please helps" to "thank yous." It is a great way to keep track of God's miracles and answered prayers. I read several devotions and I enjoy yours very much. Thank you for your prayers, I need it, and thank you for all the time you put in to making these devotions available for others! Have a great day!

Comments for article: El Coro Celestial
Judith. Aug 23, 2012.
It was night and my whole family was in the car. They were talking, listening to music on the radio, when suddenly all was silent, everyone fell quiet and still. In that moment I clearly heard a heavenly choir for a few seconds and it was a beautiful, never before heard song. My sisters and my parents were talking again, so I asked, did you hear?, Everyone looked at me puzzled, what? I told them about the choir, the celestial choir I heard. No, what was I talking about? That only happened once to me. I never forgot, and always remember that chorus so beautiful in my mind and I feel a peace inside me, perhaps they were the same that happened to your mother. Regards.

Comments for article: Sit and Be Fit!
Patricia Gooderham. Aug 23, 2012.
I really like this article as I hope it helps me in my journey to better health with exercising help.

Comments for article: Divorce Hurts Kids
Guetchmy. Aug 21, 2012.
This is a very good topic. Keep posting such articles because it is time to stop the devil.

Comments for article: I’m Praying for You
Marcey. Aug 21, 2012.
Thanks for this article. I love the inspiration each one gives, but I am usually at work so I never have taken the time to make a comment. I make a few copies and share them in worship and with others. Thank you for praying for me and my family and especially my son who needs a break through today, this moment. I thank God for answering for He has already given me the assurance. Keep up the good work. Blessings!!!

Comments for article: I’m Praying for You
S. Wilson. Aug 20, 2012.
If you would you could pray that my husband and I could live together...we don't now because he would lose Medicaid, and we can not afford that.

Comments for article: I’m Praying for You
Emily N. Lugolobi. Aug 20, 2012.
Thank you so much for sharing. I have been engrossed too much in my own problems these days. After reading this article, I realised how selfish I have been. My mind went out to people who need my prayers, yet I have looked on. Sometimes making promises to pray for them and then I don't. I am encouraged by your passion to pray for others. God bless you abandantly. Looking forward to see[ing] you in heaven.

Comments for article: Healthy Biker
Paul Marc Leger. Aug 19, 2012.
I live here in Williamsburg, but I attend the Newport News SDA church. I enjoy reading the stories you put on your website. One that caught my eye this time was the one on "Healthy Biker."  It was very easy for me to relate to your story of his biking adventures. I also grew up on a bike so to [to] speak. I can remember times when my brother and I would bike clear to the next town just to get some fresh bread from the bakery, about a four mile run. Today some 55 yrs. later, I still do 10 to 15 mile runs everyday. My runs involve Colonial Williamsburg and surrounding areas, to include the Colonial Parkway. Thank you for posting the store I enjoyed it very much.

Comments for article: Courageous Violet
April Rose Murillo. Aug 4, 2012.
Hi! Happy Sabbath. Thanks for that message, it really inspired me especially this Sabbath day and I can't go to church because I need to take care of my sick sister at home. I hope you'll continue this online worship that is really helpful for those people like me who can't go to church on Sabbath day. God bless you.

Comments for article: Proton for God
Tami. Jul 31, 2012.
Interesting - the media has recently reported that science seems to have found what they call "the God particle".

Comments for article: Little Things
Lois Pecce. July 24, 2012.
Precious! It isn't just about children. It's about husbands and wives in their senior years; it's about friends giving and maintaining the gifts of friendship. It's often the "little things" in life that create the fondest memories. Thank you for the reminder.

Comments for article: Full Access God
Chrissie Decker. July 14, 2012.
Being handicapped myself and with a handicapped husband as well, I fully understand your thoughts looking down those stairs. Isn't it wonderful that no handicap keeps us from God? That God has no handicap either, is amazing. He can reach each one of us wherever we are in time or place. He knows just what we need to find and reach Him. I am so thankful to remember also, that soon all our handicaps will be gone. We will run and not be weary - walk and not be faint. Praise the Lord.

Comments for article: A True Gossip
Marshell. July 14, 2012.
Thanks for the reminders of how we can easily fall into gossip. I praise God for always reminding me of the detriment of esteeming ourselves better than we esteem others. Gossiping is what the book of James says about the tongue, ("a world of iniquity" and "an unruly evil"). Again, thanks.

Comments for article: Guilty Bully
Dolores. July 13, 2012.
That's one of the most balanced comments I've ever seen re bullying. As a (very) old person, it has seemed to me that many parents are too protective, wanting to shield their children from every sort of hurt. At what age will these children learn to deal with what they will inevitably experience in life?  "Bully" for you!

Comments for article: Prayer for Couples
Ehi. July 12, 2012.
Thank you so much for sharing this; I am richly blessed and we too will begin sharing prayer together that God's will be done through us in earth as it is in heaven. This has really blessed me, may God continually bless you both that the gates of hell may never prevail against your marriage in Jesus Name, Amen. Thanks again

Comments for article: I Pick Jesus
Susan Davis. Jul 10, 2012.
Thank you for this wonderful piece. It had a lot of impact with me and was an example I remember well as a student. I will share this piece with others. Again, Thanks!

Comments for article: Erasers
l.c. Jul 4, 2012.
So uplifting! To know that my God loves me, doesn't condemn, but forgives. It's a privilege to be called a child of the King!

Comments for article: Send Me a Rainbow
lc. Jul 4, 2012.
Miracles still happen with a Real God! Even for you or me. God is never too busy to have an listening ear for His people - everyone.

Comments for article: Longing For Paradise
ODD. Jul 1, 2012.
Very inspiring story. I long for the return of my Jesus.

Martha. June 28, 2012.
I love your web-site!

Comments for article: Send Me a Rainbow
Lois Pecce. June 27, 2012.
Reminds me of a time when I picked up a stranger (in days when it was safer to do that) and drove her to the bus station. She was struggling to see God's care for her and to understand that promises of Divine love were for her, too. As we got out of the car at the station, we looked up and saw a double rainbow in the sky. She started crying and threw her arms around my neck exclaiming, "God does love me! God does love me!"

Comments for article: Kinship
Lois Pecce. June 27, 2012.
I love this story! Have so been there. And am so packing my "spiritual" bags for the Grand Reunion that never ends!

Comments for article: Faithfully Yours
Gabriel. June 17, 2012.
I remember what a pastor said a couple weeks ago, "When's the last time you heard a lady say, 'Look at that guy - he's so humble!' - or vice-versa? Unfortunately, there are only so many people who think this way this day and age - especially in the USA. Anyhow, this article gives me a pinch of hope, still, to know that there are some excellent-quality people out there, with honest judgment. God bless us all.

Comments for article: Middle of the Storm
Chin Lu. June 13, 2012.
Great article. I have heard that you have been a blessing to this friend of yours and that you have been there for her. When a mother goes through trials with her children, a mother's heart is broken. Only another mother could understand that broken heart. A quote from a book I am now reading about a parent and the hurts they have over their child's addiction: "It hurts so bad that I cannot save her, protect her, keep her out of harm's way, shield her from pain. What good are Mothers if not for these things?" For me, this quote tells the story of my broken heart.

Comments for article: Clear Skies
Leslie. June 11, 2012.
Just an "Amen!" What opportunities nurses have to help people spiritually as well as physically. Also, I can relate as God is teaching me to pray very much about everything, trusting God to help in every situation. He does too. Recently we struggled with matters but to handle them, took them to God and then we saw His help and things went as well as they ever could. The reminder, through this story, was good and we need just that: reminding!. Thank you.

Comments for article: Out of Season
Annette Orozco. June 9, 2012.
I used to think that it was cruel of Christ to curse the fig tree until I read again the chapter entitled "A Doomed People" in The Desire of Ages. This fig tree must have been very beautiful dressed with all its leaves. It was in stark contrast to all the other trees that surrounded it in the orchard. The other trees had no leaves whatsoever, because it was not the right time, or season for leaves and fruit. I learned from this chapter that the figs come on before the leaves. So it was unusual for this tree not only to have leaves out of season, but since it did it have leaves it should have had fruit, since the fruit comes before the leaves.  Christ came to it expecting to see fruit which was only right. But the tree was being deceptive. It was not producing fruit. Yes, we should produce the fruits of the spirit in season and out of season. In other words the Christian life is a total surrender to Christ letting Him work in our lives every day producing fruit. The Isrealite nation was represented by this fruitless fig tree. They looked good on the outside like the tree, but they had no fruit like the tree. We should be in season,  and yes out of season 365 days a year producing fruit.

Comments for article: The Called
Rita Biesemans. May 31, 2012.
My redemption day and start of my spiritual growth with backlashes followed by more growth, started when I said yes to the Lord's calling to become a nurse. I was a translator-interpreter at the Atomic Center in Belgium and loved my job but was kind of disgusted by all the politics and navel staring of the biggies in this world.

My parents in those days had started a "Home for Elderly People" (the poorest of the poor). When at home during the weekends I got kind of involved in helping them. One day a pastor came to visit the old people, and he said to me, "why don't you become a nurse?" I answered, "Me? Never ever in my life." My mother said "Rita never say never. She started telling the story of a friend who said never to something and she became it anyway."

Stubborn as I am, I kept repeating to myself, "no way, you ain't gonna do it". Slowly, slowly, I felt the calling more and more, but I said "no."

In those days the the series of Dr. Kildare was on TV, but I refused watching it. I didn't want to see that nurse running around in her white uniform. I barely ate anymore, I didn't sleep anymore, I kept saying "no." One morning though as I was waking up I saw Jesus coming to me saying, "Prepare yourself for your later task." I can't explain that event, because it's all imprinted in the soul, you don't really see that with your eyes or hear it with your ears, it's with the eyes and the ears of the soul.

Next thing you know I was in nursing school and I loved it from the first day, I became an RN-Midwife. My job is my passion, it's not a job it's with all my heart bringing God's love to the sick and needy, taking care of body and soul. That's when my redemption started. Thank You Lord for holding me by my hair and pulling it occasionally to keep me close to You.

Comments for article: Stengthen the Weak
Betty Kossick. May 31, 2012.
Did you catch it? The idea of a tropical tree becoming a Christmas tree. Transformation. I love it!!! The author teaches the very essence of how we should look at every individual and see their potential. Transformation. Who says that only an evergreen can be a Christmas tree? Transformation. As I envisioned the author stringing lights on the little tree, I thought of how Jesus wants to change us into something beautiful. Transformation.

Comments for article: My Secretary
Ron Reese. May 23, 2012.
Thanks for the inspiration my friend. Lately I've been a couple months behind on my mortgage and a month behind on my truck payment. And by human sight it doesn't look like it's going to get any better. However, I know, as you do too, that God is going to take care of these problems. And I'm just so excited as I watch how He is going to get this all done. He's just full of surprises!

Comments for article: My Secretary
Francesca GH. May 22, 2012.
Thanks for sharing. I suffer from RA so I have very few flexible days. I always say as long as can wake up in the morning, I do not have problems. God does. So I let Him handle everything. I hope you don't mind if I share your thoughts with my "conquistadores." Let Go and Let God.

Comments for article: Cats In Heaven?
Donna. May 19, 2012.
Humans are clearly separated above other creatures becuase God made man in His image.

Comments for article: Rush Hour Remedy
Beth. May 16, 2012.
This is so timely. We are always rushing, even in our prayers. I heard one pastor refer to our prayers as "drive-thru prayers." We pray but we don't take time to listen to God. My prayer is that we slow down. Thanks for the reminder.

Comments for article: Yes, You Can!
Betty Kossick. May 14, 2012.
Yes, I can! Thank you for writing, "Yes, You Can!" The story is not new to me but the reminder is. A great way to launch into a new week. Again, thanks!

Comments for article: Yes, You Can!
Lois Pecce. May 14, 2012.
Daniel, what a blessing this article is. Many of us have a "blindness" in our lives that holds us back from our potential.

Comments for article: Importance of Hair
Natasha. May 14, 2012.
Ha! You are preching to the choir over here :) I loved my short funky hair. I felt hip and stylish and was always dying it cool colors. My teen son told me my hair was....."cool." My husband prefers my hair long, as in cascading in waves of gloriousness-however he has no inkling of all that has to be done to accomplish the "look." Oh woe is me the conditioning and blowdrying. And the back neck sweat is not all that glorious. Your article has made my decision all that much easier. :) Goodbye ponytail holder! Hello cuteness!!

Comments for article: Tuning Skills
Sandra Curless. May 13, 2012.
I liked your article about tuning, because I am a piano tuner. You are right that it's not so easy. If you want to learn how to use those tools I would be happy to teach you.

Comments for article: Eating Pistachios
G-Mom Pearl. May 7, 2012.
Thank you!!!! I have been trying to complete a few large projects all at once, not finishing anything. Then, I am so tired that it is weeks before I can try again. So, started the 15-30 minutes program, thinking that it did not make sense. Wow! I'm not the only one who understands. I am 63, energy level very different from my past days. Satan, also played his part suggesting God isn't pleased with this method. I didn't come to Him all at once. It was a process. So, I will start again with success in my mind!!

Comments for article: Come, Jesus! Today!
Stella Young. May 3, 2012.
"Come Lord Jesus" - such an easy thing to say..... makes us sound super righteous, doesn't it. Does it really? Who isn't anxious to see Jesus and have it all be over?..... but that wish in itself can be a selfish desire when we are aware that so many do yet know how to find the shelter that Jesus alone can give them. I long to see Jesus, but I long more than that for more of God's children to come to Him and be saved. If that means He has to delay His coming for that to happen - so be it. I know one day He will come and we will make that journey home together. Come Lord Jesus - but not until all the names that were on your mind on the cross and even at creation are here and ready for you.

Comments for article: Empathetic Grief
Kallie. May 3, 2012.
A friend of mine from high school recently lost his mom to cancer. When I found out, there was immediately a heaviness in my heart that felt as though I had lost a relative of my own. I had never met his mom, and I still don't understand why I feel as though I'm grieving a personal loss.

He's just nineteen. No one should loss a parent so young. I don't know how to reach out to him in empathy rahter than mere sympathy. I've offered a listening ear and my availability to hang out if he ever just needs a break, but what else can I do to reach out to him? I really don't know what to do with this feeling.

Comments for article: Come, Jesus! Today!
Jeff Spicer. May 2, 2012.
What you wrote really changed me: In times of severe lows, the Christian is drawn into “hope mode” and dreams of Heaven and of the New Earth. See, I was focused on "hope" as earthly hope. And the constant dreaming of Heaven and the New Earth I almost felt was a cop out. I didn't associate it with eternal hope, and people close to me would grow weary about my pining for a better life in Heaven. But now through your words, the two things have come together in a revelation. My earthly hope is too short-sighted. The trials are to build eternal hope, which -- to my surprise -- they have been. What I thought was complaining and trying to take the easy way out (hoping for Heaven) is precisely why I go through the trial.

In short, thank you for your article.

Comments for article: Romance Novels
Danna. May 2, 2012.
I was that girl also, I always had a book in my hand during high school. But often or not the wrong kind of book. I loved fiction novels, mostly urban or romance fiction. And sometimes the topics though reality for some, were a little too raw. I knew those issues in the book could not be helping my Christian walk, because sometimes it would lead to me thinking about sex even though I was not having sex. I think we should never read a book that Jesus wouldn't read Himself. This has been a struggle for me over the years, and I'm 28 years old. Recently a church member gave me a fiction novel on Christian Courtship, It's called The Courtship of Sarah McLean by the Castleberry Farms Press. Great read and they have a whole series as well.

Comments for article: Come, Jesus! Today!
Lois Pecce. May 1, 2012.
Right on!

Comments for article: Poetry Man
Eddie Hernandez. Apr 25, 2012.
Just as Gail has said, I would like to hear the story of the Poetry Man. and how his life turned bad.

Comments for article: Runaway People
CM. Apr 20, 2012.
Yes, I have run away from home. I was going to Northeastern Academy in New York, I was taking part in the church pageant and things did not go well. I was not doing well in school, so I hung for two or three days, played hooky from school, and
basically studied with friends, to keep from going to church or school. My father died not long after. I thank God for His protection. This was the first and last time as a teen I every played hooky from school. God's grace and mercy got me through cutting school, dealt with my punishment of spending time in the principal’s office, being a Rehabilitation Service client in state of New Jersey for learning disabled teens, and my father’s death. I not only graduated from high school, but I graduated with the Principals Award for Most Outstanding Student.

Comments for article: Red Car Envy
Anonymous. Apr 18, 2012.
This is the God we serve. Even in the time of sorrow He will provide a sign that we are not alone -- that regardless of the circumstances He's in control.

Comments for article: Red Car Envy
Keith. Apr 14, 2012.
This devotional highlights the promise that our heavenly Father provides for us even before we ask him to. In this particular case the convertible was the perfect solution to that family's problems. May God continue to open the hearts of his chidren to help others who are in need.

Comments for article: The Power of His Word
FE. April 10, 2012.
This is so well put together and so inspirational. Every once in a while we need to be reminded how our God works and this writer couldn't have said it better. Thank you for reminding us how the Lord works and keeps us. To God be praise forever! Amen.

Comments for article: Poetry Man
Gail Imthurn. April 3, 2012.
I'm with David Gemmell. I would love to read the poem -- and also the full story about how this man came to be on the streets. That's what I thought I'd be reading when I went to e-gracenotes.org as directed by the article in the Pacific Union Recorder. Thank you!

Comments for article: Poetry Man
Ruthie Flynn. April 1, 2012.
Dear Benjamin; A precious, priceless glimpse into a precious, priceless life! In the light of eternity, our lives are just a blip--but your blip for sure is counting for God! That's my passion, as well. John Wesley's mission statement says it so well: "Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can. in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can." Maranatha!!!

Comments for article: Poetry Man
David Gemmell. Mar 26, 2012.
Enjoyed the article by Benjamin DuBose about the "Poetry Man," but would really like to see the poem about the whale. Any hope of an email of the poem, or a reprint online?

Comments for article: Friend or Foe
Luke Nammacher. Mar 23, 2012.
I pray that we both remember the Lord Jesus' second commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves, and that we keep an open mind to new concepts, and that we do all of the Lord Jesus Christ's precepts that he commanded us, amen. As there is no human that does no sin except Christ Jesus I belive there is none that does no good. Psalm 1:1 - Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.

Comments for article: Who's in Charge?
Kelly. Mar 15, 2012.
This is a powerful message that I needed to read and take to heart as the day is just beginning and there seems to be no end to the work on my desk. I need to remember that no matter what we may be going through God is still in charge! All the plans we make, all the worries we take upon ourselves, God is still in charge! I pledge to remember that today because I cannot do anything for Him that is worth doing without Him being in charge of my day! May God bless you today!

Comments for article: Who's in Charge?
Sylvia Minler. Mar 10, 2012.
That little laugh as to "Who's in Charge" was perfect for us and our neighbor tonight!!  We had just been talking about waking in the night and worrying--so it "hit the spot" for us tonight. Thanks!

Comments for article: Praise Him!
Kody Hollis. Mar 9, 2012.
I want to praise God for bringing the wonderful people at West Wilimington Seventh-day Adventist to be there for me like Ms. Heather. thank you.

Comments for article: God's Weapon
Eleanor Alford. Mar 5, 2012.
Parents if you have a gun, please keep it under lock and keys. A child just died this morning. His brother was showing off a gun and accidently shot him.

Comments for article: Silence and Service
John L. Ward. Feb 27, 2012.
I think that we should witness to everyone everyday, so that the Lord can come back soon [and] so we can be in heaven with Him.

Comments for article: Sunsets or Sportscars?
John L. Ward. Feb 27, 2012.
I agree that we should be spending more time looking at nature than at a sports car.

Comments for article: Justa Taste
Shirlene. Feb 25, 2012.
Thank you for this article. It is after 3:00 am on a sabbath morning and I am unable to sleep. For some reason I was led to this article. On this past Monday I left my teen aged son and daughter at one of their friend's house for a few hours. My son called me to say that my daughter could not wake up. When I got there she had passed out on the bathroom floor. I called 911, and she was rushed to the ER. To make a long story short she had alcohol poisoning. Thank God she survived. To all the young people who read this please do not take just one taste. You may not be as lucky as my daughter to survive. I pray that she has learned her lesson, God saved her life for a reason. Thank you Jesus.

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Pat. Feb 16, 2012.
A wonderful story. I have had many pets over the years, each one is a member of my family. The two dogs I have now are the sweetest pets ever. My oldest is 12, she is slower now, has arthritis of the spine, yet in the morning she runs around and gets my other dog to play. They love it when the grand kids spend the night, even though at times you can tell they have [had] a little too much  petting. My grand daughter that is slightly autistic is scared by the barking they do when someone comes to the door. But [she] has serious conversations with both of them, she insists they are her dogs and that they are her best friends. How could they not be in heaven with us!

Comments for article: Daddy, Don't Leave Me
Lois Pecce. Feb 15, 2012.
What a precious reminder that if we humans can be so bonded to each other, how much more is our Creator and Redeemer bonded with us, "desiring that none should perish"!

Comments for article: Blessed Homesickness
Betty Kossick. Feb 14, 2012.
Amen! Karen, I know the feeling. But my homesickness for heaven is the most meaningful of all. For heaven I yearn!!!!!

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Rose. Feb 11, 2012.
By FAITH  the red sea was parted...and I know by my FAITH in my creator JESUS CHRIST I will see and be with my animals he gave me again. If not in heaven than on the new earth where I will be resting on a lions mane..remember by FAITH.........

Comments for article: Thinking of Home
Melrose Whitelocke. Feb 8, 2012.
A beautiful piece! It is very touching. A song by Archie Watkins and the Inspirations (Will He Remember Me) would go well with this!

Comments for article: Fragile Things
La Donna Stephens. Feb 4, 2012.
I thoroughly enjoyed the story about fragile things and mutual feelings, I am experiencing  the same thing with my neighbor across the street from me. You are so right.

Comments forarticle: Dog Heaven
gavin. Feb 2, 2012.
After a late diagnosis of kidney failure and our increasingly pitifully inadequate arrempts to get her to eat treated food over four days my wife and I yesterday euthanised our dog. Betsey had renal failure. I am useless with grief. I can't escape that her 14 years (13 with us) were all she had; not if there is any sort of loving God. I can't know God's mind any more than anyone but what type of God would allow such a loving part of his creation as Betsey to have this short time and nothing more. A God that would want something like me and not a thing such as she is no God that I could worship. So I think Betsey and your dog are or will live on. I could be wrong but I am putting my faith in God here. I now have to do the harder thing and make sure I am worthy to go where I can see her again.

Comments for article: La prière ne marche pas !
Olivier. Jan 28, 2012.
You say [You quote Hebrews 5:7 (NIV)]: "He offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission." I always thought it was the opposite: he had left Jesus die on the cross, hence the cry of the latter: "My God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

Comments for article: He Will Be
Carol Glass. Jan 28, 2012.
I am the Women's Ministries director for the Lakeland Seventh-day Adventist Church and I went on line to find your address for the meeting this afternoon. Last night I googled "daily strength" on the computer, preparing for our Bible Study Wednesday evening. I wasn't satisfied with what I found, [but] when I got to your website a few minutes ago, I found this article and it was just what I needed to share with our group on Wednesday. How wonderful God is in directing our paths. Thanks for sharing this.

Comments for article: He Will Be
Betty Kossick. Jan 26, 2012
This is so fine! It's like a spiritual blueprint. Thank you for writing it.

Comments for article: Bible Text Resolutions
Stephanie. Jan 26, 2012.
This is just what I needed. :)

Comments for article: Laundry Days
Anelena Cruz. Jan 24, 2012.
I had the same problem that you had. A dress for my daughter got into the dryer and in the pockets were four crayons. They dotted my clothes! I will follow this advice. Many thanks for the tip to use bicarbonate of soda. I hope it works. Thanks for sharing.

Comments for article: Poetry Man
Betty Kossick. Jan 22, 2012.
"The Poetry Man" touched my heart. I've reread it several times I thank the author for writing it. To me, this is what reaching out to oothers is all about.

Comments for article: Poetry Man
Anonymous. Jan 21, 2012.
Amazing story! You should send this into the Messenger and or Adventist Review and or the Seventh-day Adventist world magazine.... what a fabulous experience. Thanks for sharing.... Keep praying for him.

Comments for article: Poetry Man
Heather Hagen. Jan 21, 2012.
Thank you for sharing your story about the time spent with the Poetry Man. We recently travelled from Brisbane Australia to the outback, and if you google Bedourie (in the Simpson Desert) you will get an idea of the territory we journeyed through. While at Bedourie, we met a chap named Richard, who was down on his luck, and outcast from his family (wealthy cattle station folk), and was going  through a tough time. Richard (helicopter pilot, drover, cattleman, father of Oxford Univ. students) enriched our day, as we spent time talking and sharing a cup of coffee with him in our motel room. His knowledge of the area meant our trip had some great and unexpected highlights, and we hope that the assistance we were able to give him will have made his day, and perhaps turned his life about too. Perhaps we will have to wait until heaven's gates open before we see him, and know how things went.

Thank you also for the other Women's Ministries devotionals - I am the WM leader in our church at Capalaba, Brisbane, and enjoy the challenge of finding something new to share with the ladies. The church membership is mostly retirees, but very active ones!

My husband and I, and several friends, are joining the Camp Meeting at Sea voyage June 1-8, and hope to worship in Anchorage on the Sabbath after the trip. That's how I found your web site - through the Alaskan Conference site.

Comments for article: Knowing God's Will
Lidija. Jan 19, 2012.
Amen to this message. I pray that God continues to speak to my heart and soul so I can know how, when and where to do His will!

Comments for article: Growth Charts
Lois Pecce. Jan 18, 2012.
Amen! And again I say, "Amen!"

Comments for article: Undeserved Honor
Lois Pecce. Jan 18, 2012.
What a blessed and God-directed article for anyone dealing with difficult family relationships.

Comments for article: Poetry Man
Gerry Buck. Jan 15, 2012.
Amazing how expressing an interest in someone can make such a big difference in their life. Same thing Jesus did, He was/is interested in us, too.

Comments for article: Unqualified?
Rebekka. Jan 14, 2012.
Thank you for this article. It speaks volumes to me right now!

Comments for article: Secret Prayers
Ellen Hokanson. Jan 14, 2012.
Thank you so much for this insight and information. I have, for the last 2 weeks, struggled with such an issue that this answered. God has put joy in my heart with this Scripture and he used your web page to do it. Thanks and may your blessings abound.

Comments for article: Dollar Store Accident
Orville. Jan 12, 2012.
It's important to be reminded now and again that we killed Jesus, and how we did it.

Comments for article: Loyalty
Jim Hogan. Jan 11, 2012.
Your story of your little dog really touched my heart, thank you for writing it, it will get me through the day. Love in Jesus.

Comments for article: A Gift for You
Sabrina. Jan 7, 2012.
Amen! Couldn't have been said better. Truly a blessing! Definitley a message to share to all who would just believe.

Comments for article: Secret Prayers
Schleria McGill. Jan 6, 2012.

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