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Celebrating the New
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“…in my mind I keep returning to something, something that gives me hope—that the grace of ADONAI is not exhausted, that his compassion has not ended. [On the contrary,] they are new every morning! How great your faithfulness!” Lamentations 3:21-23 (CJB).
I love new things. Not just the new slippers or sweaters or gadgets found inside brightly wrapped packages to celebrate birthdays or holidays. I love every letter or expression of friendship which finds its way through my mailbox or e-mail. They flood me with renewed gratitude for friends and family. I love new books—stories of people’s lives and adventures. (I’m a great “armchair traveler”!)

I like beginnings, too: springtime, buds opening, birds hatching, weddings, babies, first graders, college graduates, birthdays, and memorable leads to good works of writing. I like that of every 365 days or so, one is dedicated to putting the old behind and embarking on the new. If there were failures, if there were disappointments, we can set them aside and start afresh. There’s something about the hope that accompanies putting up a new calendar.

Even more important than the newness of a year is the newness of each day. It comes to us clean and fresh from the Maker's hand, newly filled with love, unsullied from yesterday, uncluttered by tomorrow. It gives the courage to try harder to mend relationships that need mending; to strengthen bonds with loved ones; and most of all, to fortify the bond with Christ.

Shows Us Where to Turn

Nothing in life comes to any of us without our Lord’s knowledge of it. That, in itself, shows us where to turn—both to request help and to give thanks.

I’m personally thankful for the beginning of each year because, by a few hours, it also marks the beginning of a new year of my life. For all of you young folk in your 40s and 50s who moan that your youthfulness has gone and “old age” has overcome you, be encouraged. In many a case (I dare not say all) the best of your life has yet to come. Not that you’ll ever be free of challenges (how dull that would be), but the Lord who has loved and guided you since before your birth is still there for you. Hopefully, as you’ve grown older, your spiritual vision and hearing have improved and you more regularly set your heart in unison with God’s.

They say I live on borrowed time but all time comes from God. Every moment of each day is an outright gift, and so I say, “Thank you for the newness; may those compassions fill my soul, so that in sharing them with others, we are each, in Him, made whole.”  

Yes, I love new things. My deepest passion is hearts—hearts for the Lord. Each new face, new heart opened to the Good News of salvation is cause for celebration!

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