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Brain Power
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The human brain is a powerful tool. It can calculate equations, form hypothesis, imagine ideas, and formulate plans. It can empathize, sympathize and compartmentalize emotions and feelings. But as we grow older our minds begin to fade just like the rest of our bodies, so how do we keep our minds young and thinking sharply?

I recently read a news article that cited the decline of book reading in America. With the advent of television, computers, smartphones and tablets, books have fallen by the wayside. The statistics revealed that those who consumed large amounts of easy media had more problems with their short term memory. On the flip side, those who read at least 30 minutes a day were able to better analyze situations and answer questions during a test simulation.

Reading allows the brain to work by imagining people, places and things, as well as nurturing your knowledge bank and word bank. Whereas watching a program on TV is totally a consumption activity. You can shut your brain off and everything is spoonfed to you.

Love of Books

As a kid I used to love reading the Curious George books. I read as many of them as I could. Looking back, I feel that those books were an important ingredient to my eventual love of books and knowledge.

Every time you read, you are exercising your mind. Many people make it a big priority to get physical exercise, which is great, but forget to exercise their minds. Think of your brain as a large muscle, and if it’s not stretched and flexed it becomes tired and slow.

God has blessed each one of us with a tool that can change our lives as well as others around us. But we must take care of this tool, nurture it, feed it with good pure ideas and thoughts, and exercise it!

Reading a book can open doors to new worlds and keep your brain young and vibrant. So the next time you feel like crashing on the couch and flipping on the TV, pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read instead; your brain will thank you for it!

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