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Time Out
Photo: Karen Winton
In some ways, I was a rather undisciplined child. Whenever my mother went shopping at J.C. Penny’s, I would entertain myself by running up the “down escalator,” then racing down the “up escalator.” Despite the disapproval of numerous store clerks, this unbridled behavior continued for years.

But I remember the day it stopped! I was 10 years old and for a change I was actually going down the “down escalator” following my mother. It was a warm summer day and she was wearing shorts, a tee shirt and thongs.  (Now, I’m referring to a bygone era when thongs were something you wore on your feet, not on your seat!) As my mother reached the bottom of the escalator, one of her thongs somehow got caught in the moving staircase. She jerked her foot out of the rubber sandal just in time to see her spongy pink thong disappear into the “black hole” were escalators go.

Stunned, I observed my mother, a 40-year-old woman, limp from the department store to the parking lot with one bare foot. That day I gained a newfound respect for the moving staircase that had voraciously eaten her thong, realizing it could easily have been her foot!

Like the escalator with the ravenous appetite, do you ever feel like your job is eating you up? No matter how hard you try, you never get caught up? Does life ever seem like one giant treadmill? Drive, work, eat, work, drive, eat, sleep a little, and the cycle starts all over again?

Time to Slow Down

Doesn’t it seem that our lives are spinning faster and faster than ever before? Do you ever feel like you’re running yourself ragged, and barely getting anywhere?

What would happen if we called a time out? What if we set aside 30 minutes each day for a relaxing walk, or an entire afternoon to go fishing, or relax in the park? How about designating a full 24 hours for family, fun, rest and relaxation? No work allowed!! Sounds revolutionary, but chances are we would return to our jobs refreshed and more productive than if we continue to drive ourselves into the ground relentlessly.

It is interesting to note that even God took a day off! After creating the heavens and the earth in six days, the Lord rested on the seventh. Now, I doubt that God was really tired. More than likely the Almighty was modeling behavior that would be to our benefit. Wanting us to have a more abundant life, God knew that with periodic rest our days would be happier, healthier and more productive.

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