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The Family Dog
Photo: Studiomill
He had been sick for quite awhile. He had almost died from a virus when he was just a baby. So it seemed, now at the age of 119 (in dog years), that he would live forever, or so I’d hoped. For 17 years of my life he had been a rock solid friend, the friend long after all the others had gone away; one that was still there right by my side sharing in my darkest lows and rejoicing in my brightest highs. Playing ball out in the yard, going for walks, people watching, sitting in the backyard in the sun, we shared many fun moments together.

Dogs have always been considered man’s/woman’s best friend. They are rugged yet gentle, playful yet calm, they comfort us when we’re sick and sad and always look out for our needs before their own. It’s really quite unbelievable the lengths our dogs will go to, to protect their people friends.

I recently read an article in the news, where a small boy and his Golden Retriever were playing with a rubber ball in their front yard. The ball bounced out into the street, and without stopping the boy jolted out into the street after the ball. The dog instinctively ran to the boy grabbed him by the arm and dragged him back into the yard, just as a large moving truck sped past them, popping the ball under it’s large tires. If not for the dog, the boy most certainly would have lost his life or been severely injured.

Tail Began to Wag

I stood over my little dog at the vets office, as he lay there in a tiny oxygen chamber. I watched his little brown eyes move to the corners and glance up at me. They were watery and tired, yet even in that state, his little tail began to wag as I spoke softly to him. He seemed to be telling me that his life was everything that he’d hoped for and more. He seemed to be telling me goodbye, in his own little doggy way. The next morning the doctor called and told us that he had passed away peacefully in his sleep with no pain.

As sad as we were, we also rejoiced in the remembrance of this tiny, loving creature that came into our lives, into our family, and into our hearts. A small little dog, that grew from a puppy into an intricate part of the family.

God provides for families in ways seen and unseen, sometimes it’s obvious, and sometimes you have to dig a little deeper, and sometimes it’s found in the tiny beating heart of the family dog.

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