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Glad Tidings
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It had been a long day at work, it was dark, it was cold, and as I got to my door, I noticed a note. “So what does someone want now,” I thought. Expecting an invitation to yet another baby or bridal shower, I was surprised when I saw it was from Corinne in a nearby condo. She thanked me for bringing the church youth group carolers to her door.

It’s been more than a month since I got that missive – something we Southerners would call a bread-and-butter note – but I haven’t forgotten her thoughtfulness. It made me feel a little guilty when I realized how often I’d passed up an opportunity to bless someone with my thankfulness. Then I recalled how many hours I’d spent with my own children urging, begging, cajoling, and/or threatening as they scribbled notes of thanks.

And even though Christmas has come and gone, it’s not too late for sending “glad tidings.” Here are some hints to make it go easier for you and your children.

Create a correspondence kit for each child/grandchild. Include note cards, card stock, return-address stamp or stickers, their own address book, a good pen or pencil,  scissors, colored markers or crayons, glue, scotch tape – whatever you think is appropriate.

Thankfulness Time

Make a list of who needs to be thanked and set a thankfulness time complete with delicious snacks. Turn on soothing music and settle in.

The Real Simple website had some creative ideas for cards tailor-made for your child’s age and ability. Here are a couple of the magazine’s ideas.
  • Have your child make a drawing of the gift.
  • Take a picture of your child with the gift and use the print as a thank-you postcard.
  • Trace your child’s hands and cut them out – send as a thank-you round of applause.
  • Cut rectangles from one of their finger paintings, glue to card stock.
  • Make a list of the Top Reasons Why This Gift Is Awesome.
“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

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