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Conduits of Health
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“Dad,” my son complained, “this electric cord is shot!” I tested it and found broken wires near the plugs. So I found another cord for him to use. My son and nephew were building a tree fort and needed electricity to power a couple of tools. When I went out to inspect their work I noticed they were using 150 feet of electric cord that was hooked up to several power hungry tools that barely ran. I explained to them that the smaller the gauge of wire and the longer the cord the less juice you will get! So, we went to the garage and found better electric cords.

Electric cords are a bit like the blood vessels in our bodies. If our blood does not travel easily to all the organs and tissues of our bodies, it will diminish our health and power. One of the overlooked blood vessels in the body is called capillaries. These micro-vessels carry nutrients to all the tissues in your body. The linings of these tiny vessels are only one cell thick. When blood leaves the heart it travels first through arteries, then arterioles, and then capillaries.


Capillary density refers to how many capillaries are available in specific places in your body. You might assume you are born with a limited number of these micro-vessels, but you can actually increase their numbers with exercise. Scientific studies have been conducted that demonstrate how exercise training helps you develop new capillaries. One of the primary benefits of more capillaries is greater oxygen transport to your muscles which improves their function.

Every cell in your body needs food to survive. Just as good electric circulation provides enough power to run tools, good blood circulation in our bodies gives all the organs and tissues the energy they need to function at peak levels. It’s also important for carrying away waste products. Imagine sanitation engineers going on strike and piles of garbage heaped around your house. When your circulation is poor, the waste products choke away the life of cells because they build up and are not carried away. This decreases your ability to fight disease.

When we think of exercise, we might first picture losing weight or toning muscles. But there are tiny little vessels that perform a big job of helping keep your whole body in good working order. Don’t forget about capillaries. Take time to exercise each day and keep these little channels of life flowing well. You will not only have more endurance, but you will also be healthier from head to toe.

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