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The Brightest Star
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Luke 2:8-20. As I ponder the birth of Jesus, I imagine the following scene with Mary and Joseph.

Night winds whistled through the doorway. The teenage mother drew her skirt close to her legs, rocking her baby. Her long dark hair hung loose as she sang his first lullaby. She looked out at the star-filled sky. Her attention focused on the brightest star she’d ever seen, “Baby Emmanuel, God hung your cradle on a brand-new star!”

Visitors just left. She thought about the story they related, “Beautiful voices from the sky, told us to come to this village to see a Baby King born in a manger.”

She looked at them through soft, brown eyes, “I didn’t expect my son to be born in such circumstances, but I thank you for coming.”

“And I thank you for the two sheep,” the father said. “The baby lamb is a perfect gift for our son. We will care well for it and its mother.”

Only a few hours old, Emmanuel looked into his mother’s face while she searched his eyes. “What secret do you know, dear child? Joseph, look! He is already wise.”
“Yes, Mary, you didn’t expect him to be exactly like other babies, did you?

“Joseph, I know it’s been difficult for you to deal with the remarks about my being pregnant when we married. It’s been hard for me too. The women turn their backs as I walk by; few say, ‘Hello.’ They will have choice names for our son.”

“Yes, Mary, I’ve seen them ignoring you. It hurts me too. They don’t have good names for me either.”

“And, Joseph, it’s not easy for my parents. Mother looks at her feet when she goes to fill the water pots. Dad shakes his head a lot. I know he’s pondering about me. I’ve always been the apple of his eye.”

How Blessed You Are!

“But, Mary, you must remember the reason for all this happening is that you’re the apple of God’s eye also; He chose you above all other women for this task. How blessed you are!”

“I never wanted to tell you, Joseph, but I tremble much.

“I know dear, I feel you shake when we lie in bed. That’s why I hold you until you fall asleep. Then, I too tremble.”

“Oh, Joseph, I didn’t know. What do you think the future will hold for our Baby King, Joseph?”

“A rose garden.”

“A rose garden? But, dear, a rose garden is surrounded by thorns.”

“I know,” Joseph sighed.

A tear slid down Mary’s cheek and dropped on Emmanuel’s forehead.

Joseph gently pressed his large thumb against her face, then the baby’s to wipe away
the tear drops. He walked to the doorway gazing at the bright star. He blinked, squinted and gasped, “Mary! Mary, the star is not really a star at all. I see the movement of angel’s wings. No wonder it shines so much brighter!”
A fat tear fell on Joseph’s sandal and shimmered in the starlight.

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