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Bah Humbug
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During the holiday season it’s easy to chuck our good health model aside and gorge ourselves on sweets, fatty foods, and too much of them! So how do we stay healthy during the holidays without breaking the scale? An easy way that I’ve found is to limit the amount of food I eat, not what I eat. It’s hard to ask anybody to refrain from eating pies, marshmallow sweet potatoes, cookies, fruit cakes and heapings of mashed potatoes with fresh gravy during the holidays, it’s just not going to happen!

So the solution is to take small spoonfuls of each food item, allowing you to enjoy all of the tasty foods, without over-eating and feeling lethargic.

Another way to eat healthy and responsible is to remember that all across the earth, there are many people that have very little food, or no food at all. They do not have the luxury of eating pies, cranberry sauce and massive feasts. They’re lucky if they can eat a bit of rice or corn mush.

Cut Down on the Amount

I recently read a news article featuring a graph of heart attacks and strokes in people during the holiday season as compared to the rest of the year and the statistics were stunning! Between the months of November and January the instances of stroke and heart attack triple in amount. Experts working together, from various health agencies have linked these high rates to holiday stress and more importantly to holiday eating and overeating. They said, if people would just cut down on the amount of food they eat, it would greatly cut the risk.

I’m not here to say Bah Humbug to your holiday season, I’m here to give a gentle reminder that you probably already know. Eat responsibly, eat for health by watching the quantity!

So now go out and enjoy that small piece of pumpkin pie!

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