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Promise for the Broken
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Just about everyone I come in contact with, is going through or knows someone who is going through difficulties. A recent conversation caused me to pause and pray for a woman who has moved from one sorrow to another; her life seemingly broken.

She grew up in a broken home with an alcoholic father, an alcoholic brother, and another brother, who was always in and out of trouble. In that lifestyle she began to mingle with the wrong crowd which ultimately resulted in a rape.

That traumatic experience resulted in the birth of a child, which she’s now able to count as one of her blessings. But life continued landing blows. While at work she suffered a debilitating injury. After a decade of pain due to employer negligence and an inability to work, she was rewarded a cash settlement allowing to her undergo a painful, yet necessary surgery, so she could return to work.

However, the pummels of life continued. A year after the settlement, her funds were seized and taken by the government because of the actions of the perpetrator — whose earlier actions caused her to conceive. This single mother was without money at time when she had no employment or income.

Comfort in Jesus

Life truly is not fair! Satan wants us all to suffer. And many of us become broken. But know this; there is Someone who bore greater burdens than we ever will. In times of heartache in my life, I find comfort in Jesus.

Christian contemporary singer Michael Card sings this song:

 I Will Bring You Home

“Though you are homeless,
Though you're alone,
I will be your home;
Whatever's the matter,
Whatever's been done,
I will be your home.”

If you feel broken, know that in the scheme of eternity, this is but a short moment. There is a wonderful promise in the book of Zephaniah to all who cling to Christ no matter what; it says, “On that day I will gather you together and bring you home again. I will give you a good name, a name of distinction, among all the nations of the earth, as I restore your fortunes before their very eyes. I, the Lord, have spoken!” (Zephaniah 3:20). Wow! Who can argue with Someone whose words speak the universe, animals and all living things into existence?

Michael Card’s final lyrics, though from the Bible book of Zephaniah, wonderfully summarizes Revelation 22 saying, “From this fearful fallen place I will bring you home.”

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