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Healthy State of Mind
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Recently a statement caught my attention. “Sickness of the mind prevails everywhere.” How true that statement is.

People are stressed—from work, family, and many other responsibilities. On top of that, the crushing weight of sin, sorrows and false theories of eternal hellfire and the tormenting of the wicked don’t add to a healthy state of mind. All they do is distort the true character of God. Some have said that only weak-minded people believe in Christ.

But the Bible says that Jesus is the remedy…the soother of nerves. Isaiah 49:13 tells us, “The Lord has comforted His people, and He has compassion on them in their suffering” (my paraphrase).

I recently re-discovered that the simplicity Christ calls us to live, is the best way to clear a cloudy mind and heal the body. I knew it, but forgot how to live it.

My work days are from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and I’d often stay up till 1 or 2 a.m. working on some “important” project. I was stressed, constantly tired, and developed a headache that plagued me all day, every day.

Mission Trip

This craziness slowed when my son and I went on a mission trip to Tanzania. We went with a group to build a mini-power plant to provide electricity to an orphanage/school.

Our group started the day off with worship every morning, then went straight to work and worked from sun up to sun down. We had no electricity at the facility, or the distractions we’d have in America — no Internet, no cell phones, no TV, no radio.

After adjusting to the time difference, I found myself rested, and my headache disappeared. We ate simple, healthy, unprocessed, non-fatty foods; went to bed early, received plenty of fresh air and sunlight; performed physical labor (exercise); drank plenty of water (no sugary or carbonated drinks), and daily devoted our lives to God. The end result—almost all of us lost weight and returned feeling alive and healthy. I personally have not felt this healthy in years.

Jesus wants to restore all of us to health. Why not try these simple steps in your own life, Allow Christ to soothe your nerves and give you abundant health.

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